Managing your online reputation has become a fundamental issue for anyone looking for a job. Whether via Twitter, LinkedIn or even Facebook, the digital footprints we leave on social media are all elements that Botswana Email Lists and HR managers will take into consideration when evaluating your application for a coveted position. I’m not teaching you anything, everyone knows that. There is also an incalculable amount of articles , ebooks and webinars across the blogosphere that will teach you how to develop your personal branding in order to attract the attention of headhunters who will finally offer you the job. of your dreams.

On the other hand, what had never been attempted before is quite the opposite: getting fired (or rather hand in your resignation) using social media . In 2013, however, this is what Marina Shifrin, a young employee of the Next Media Animation group , specializing in the creation of animated videos, did. On bad terms with her boss, who according to her “favored the number of views of her videos rather than the quality of them”, she decided to resign in style.

What if Marina’s example was the way to go?

Through her video, Marina demonstrated great professional skills (as a reminder, she was in charge of creating audiovisual material): producing original, daring and above all viral content . His video is well edited and has rhythm, style and conveys a nice and effective message. In short, all the elements were in place to generate a buzz that would ignite the powder on social networks. There is no doubt that the number of views she collected would have made her former employer happy, he who seemed so attached to numbers.

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I’m not saying that the solution to finding a job is to send your current employer for a walk and post it on Youtube, the idea has already been exploited once and everything else would be a pale copy. No, the example underlying Maria’s example is: show your talent ! Social networks are a great field of expression, use them wisely! Whether through a blog, an original creation or other, use your different networks to get noticed by your future employer.

Take care of your personal branding every day by acting as if you are your own medium, that is, by controlling the content of the content you broadcast and by anticipating the impact of that content on the people who are connected to you. For the record, Marina has already received dozens of job offers following her poker stroke … Proof that creativity and nerve never leave you indifferent.

The agency, the best of the best?

The agency operates on a different format than the independent service provider. She will be able to offer you advice and a complete approach for the realization of your project. Her wise eye will ensure that you take into account as many constraints as possible and she can offer you the web tool you expect because she will be able to ask you the right questions: Who will intervene on the blog to feed it with content? Who are your clients ? What are your future development projects?

What traffic do you expectand how do you plan to achieve this goal? If all the agencies are not equal, they will have to hold your hand and offer you the best technical solution, the one that meets your needs without falling into copy and paste … From time to time, the agencies themselves call on expert freelancers to succeed in offering you the perfect functionality that will answer your problem, and rest assured, they will keep their contact book up to date to work with the best of them, even if it means paying a high price!

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