Today we invite you to discover the activity of our beautiful and brand new co-workers. Paul and Jean-Michel are the founders of an offbeat participatory site focused on eroticism and French Polynesia Email List and they “cracked their briefs” in front of the 50A microphone to present their activity to you.

Jean-michel: Personally, I worked for ten years on my own and it was our partner who convinced us that it was more fun to work together. It is true that on a daily basis it is better to have exchanges. We chose to settle at 50A because here everyone looks cool and we can get things out of it, make exchanges, it’s much more motivating.

Why Did You Decide To Work In A Co-working Space?

Paul:Working alone at home is difficult because you don’t talk to anyone and after a while you go crazy. Me before I worked for a year from home and after a while I went crazy. Setting up in a co-working space is first of all a financial choice because it is clearly cheaper than having your own office but as Jean-michel said, meetings are also very important and that’s what made us take the plunge.

French Polynesia Email List

We decided to settle in at 50A because Nicolas and Thibaut are two guys, we too, they have already made the progress of the company, it is interesting to see their questions, how they progress. We are really interested in discussing with them, they are willing to do something different, like us.

What Is

Paul: is a participatory site that allows everyone to sell their “intimate specialties” to others to make a little money. Vends-ta-culotte allows you to sell your underwear, sex-tapes, webcam sessions, pink “home” phones, etc.

Jean-michel: is somewhat the result of our idea of ​​giving back its place to eroticism and fantasy. We want to go back to something erotic like in the 60s and 70s, the beginning of eroticism.






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