The ambitious Frenchman Cyril Fremont recently bought the tld .best. His challenge? Create a social network where the user will be the owner and Syria Email Lists for his personal data because he owns his domain name in .best (eg: In addition, he may be paid in bestcoin (crypto currency of the social network) according to the visibility of his opinions. “There are only 300 companies worldwide that have an extension. The particularity of .best is that we are the first French company and the only one to have one. ” wants to be a decentralized social network, the data of the French users will be stored in France, that of the Chinese in China, that of the Americans, in the United States… This is possible thanks to the possession of a tld and therefore of ‘a territory. Owning a territory is the only way to address the entire population without being censored in certain countries such as China or Russia.

The Rebellion, But Still?

Our guests, fervent defenders of individual freedoms, agree that we must act against this slavery. Where they disagree is how to proceed. Some want the law to take up the issue, others ask that the French administration show a little more patriotism, or that everyone demonstrate digital hygiene before embarking on great fights.

Syria Email Lists

But all have to say that mastering the administration chain of a service (means, added value, software, infrastructure) is not accessible to everyone, moreover, it is rational to pool. One of our guests addresses the issue of educating the younger generations. It is necessary to educate the youngest in current issues. Because we know it when you understand the problem quickly, you are in a better position to take action to resolve it. There is a real need to anticipate the consequences.

How Was The Project Born ?

Send your newsletter on Saturday or Sunday. One study highlighted the fact that email open rates and click-through rates were higher on weekends than during the week. This is certainly due to the fact that people are receiving less emails at this time of the week. Take advantage of the bargain and publish your newsletter at this convenient time to gain a few visits. And you, what is your situation? Do you also notice a drop in your traffic during the weekends? What techniques do you use to limit this loss of volume? Do not hesitate to send us your advice and comments!

How to link Digital Marketing, SEO and traffic evolution?
This question will certainly be the most difficult to answer today. Nevertheless, we will still need to understand which of our actions have caused traffic to evolve, which have allowed new visitors to find our website (is it thanks to our content strategy , our social media activity , our emailing, etc.?).


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