Meet up with Morgane, communications officer for Mon P’ti Voisinage, a small Breton start-up whose ambition is to recreate local social ties Vietnam Email List a simple and unifying tool. A virtuous service that is truly anchored at the heart of the collaborative economy. A DNA that we particularly like at 50A!

These rules are transparent and immutable because they are part of a blockchain network, a technology for storing and transmitting information, transparent, secure, and operating without a central control body. A DAO must have a robust reputation mechanism to accurately and reliably identify competence and level of trust through systematic and objective assessment of behavior so that each decision does not require a large vote of participants. A DAO must allow its contributors to be remunerated either in cryptocurrency (ETH, BTC, DAI) or in shares of the DAO in proportion to the value of the contribution of each member ”.

What Is The Genesis Of The Project?

Mon P’ti Voisinage was created 2 years ago, in February 2014 by David Rouxel. His idea stems from a double observation: on the one hand, our society is losing the “village spirit”, a spirit where the social bond was very strong. Everyone knew each other, worked and could help each other within a small radius. Today the work is in the cities, people tend to disconnect from their place of life.

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On the other hand, with the Internet and smartphones, a new, so-called collaborative economy is emerging on the theme of sharing. But there are many players and the offer can be a bit complicated for the general public to integrate.

Where Are You Today?

We are based in St Malo in Brittany, with a team of 12 people. Over the past 3 months we have recorded + 70% of new users, so we are at 45,000 users spread over the whole territory (with more represented areas such as Brittany or the Paris region).

Otherwise all the signals are on the green, we are in the process of releasing the mobile application which should arrive shortly and we are developing partnerships with institutions.

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