This week we interviewed Julie de Pimodan, founder of the Fluicity app ! 50A makes you Congo Email List this platform which aims to renew the dialogue between elected officials and citizens, by reinventing participatory democracy at the local level.

What would be the description of fluicity in 140 characters (approximately)? Platform for the co-construction of public space allowing collaborative decision-making at the local level. Wikileaks delivers the underside of governments

How Did You Come Up With The Idea For Fluicity?

I was a journalist for 7 years, I worked a lot in the Middle East, especially in Yemen, Abu Dhabi, Lebanon. I have always been interested in the democratic role of new technologies. The Arab Spring has influenced me a lot. After many years as a journalist, I worked for Google to help large companies analyze their data and understand their users. Fluicity is therefore the result of my two former professions.

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Today I help mayors to become good managers so that they can provide tangible answers to citizens. “No matter what thinking process you use, it’s not the result that counts but the process” ndeed, product thinking is located at the meeting point between UX Design and product management .

What Is Fluicity’s Main Mission Today?

Fluicity’s main mission is to connect citizens and elected officials so that they can discuss and share on a single platform. Today, communication between these two audiences is mainly carried out in silos, the data is not stored and therefore misused. Fluicity tries to bring together these two audiences in order to empower them.

Citizens will therefore be able to obtain local information which is therefore potentially of interest to them and thereby become involved. Elected officials will be able to disseminate information correctly and thus collect useful data. Today young people are no longer involved and local communities seem a little shy about the era of smartphones. Our mission is therefore to support communities in organizing and recruiting new audiences.

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