This week we interviewed Camille and Jean-Max, respectively co-founder and in French Guiana Email List of the marketing and communication strategy of Wesquare ! Discover this Parisian start-up which offers a new tailor-made storage and storage solution dedicated to urbanites.

Once the pages have been identified and tested, you can customize them according to your different segments and the results obtained. You can for example set up dynamic banners . This means will allow you to segment the traffic between regular visitors and unique visitors . You can then offer them banners adapted to their expectations. These banners will generate interest and a fortiori an act of loyalty. If you decide to use this medium you should know that: regular visitors are more sensitive to targeted content based on their previous purchases while unique visitors are more sensitive to better sales, new products, etc.

Can You Tell Us About Your Team And How Did You Come To Work Together?

Camille: I worked for 4 years in Dubai as a sales manager, for Thomas’ company, with whom the current went really well. One fine day he calls me and says: “Go back to Paris, I have an idea for a start-up”. Neither one nor two, I came back to France to set up the project. And in the process Sébastien joined us to take care of the technical / operational part and train the trio of founders.

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Because Thomas is the creative spirit and I am more of the commercial spirit. Today we have two people who work part-time for us and Jean-Max who supports us on the communication part. You can have the best idea in the world, if you don’t have the right team it can’t work. And we are quite happy with our team;)

Where Did You Get This Idea From?

Camille: Paris is a very densely populated city. There are more than 20,000 inhabitants per m2 and we quickly realized that people needed to optimize their space. In addition, it is a real pain to move around Paris. We therefore imagined a new solution to optimize space, time and expenses. WeSquare was born

Jean-Max: There has been a lot of work to differentiate itself from other market players such as traditional furniture repositories and new trendy storage solutions. We made a benchmark to position ourselves well and produce communication that is truly distinguishable from others. The right balance had to be found to establish the brand DNA .

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