Markentive’s clients include healthcare companies looking for new means of communication to reach doctors. Even if it dates from November 2011, EPG Health Media published an interesting study on the behavior of Iran Email List professionals on the Internet: The Online Behavior and Demands of HCPs in Europe . This work was carried out with European doctors and on his site, John Mack provides an article in which he reviews the elements evaluated during the performance of this study:

We will give you all the details of this study next week with a new blog post but in the meantime we are interested in an interview published on Pharmaphorum, where Chris Cooper, Managing director of EPG Health Media, explains the major lessons of this study. . Thus, we learn that almost all of the doctors questioned use the Internet on a daily basis for research related to their work.The Internet is the preferred method of 72% of respondents to deal with questions related to medical cases and 66% of respondents to access academic scientific research. Of all the information that allows these health practitioners to improve their medical practice, 62% prefer the Internet to printed material, conferences, and information disseminated by medical visitors. While social networks are the type of website to which the practitioners surveyed spend the least time, 52% of them still spend 10% of their time online and only 7% do not use any. social network.

The Authors Were Interested In Several Metrics Such As:

Generally speaking, congresses are the most suitable for discussing research projects, forging links with peers and finally learning about the latest scientific issues and their advances. Not surprisingly, on a daily basis, the Internet seems to be the best source of information!

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Still according to Chris Cooper, the main notion advanced by this study is that doctors have difficulty discerning the most interesting sources of information online, 50% of them say that they use the information they find more easily instead of spending more time finding what would be ideal for them. The question then becomes: how to improve doctors’ access to online information?

Frequency Of Access To Information Online.

From our point of view, it seems important for manufacturers to make relevant information available to doctors in order to gain image and visibility. We are here completely in the logic of Inbound Marketing: Better information to gain expert status, provide a service and be able to position ourselves as the ideal partner.

For example, MSD’s approach via the Univadis platform seems to us to be entirely appropriate and really successful. It is a safe bet that many manufacturers will take this direction in the future to “be found” by doctors and health professionals who seek information. If the current starting point for researching doctors on the Internet is still Google, it is relevant to imagine that in the future the best medical information platforms will replace it.

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