Download the app for free for Android and iOS Advantages at the brand level Promote your products or launches previously and before on other platforms. Share a Storytelling, that is, your story, which can generate a good impact among your customers. Find available events in which you can attend and join ties with other companies, to create alliances. Make them know your work team, and thus you will be humanizing your brand. Cover special events live with the Live tool to keep in touch with your customers. Be a means to offer exclusive promotions to your customers such as discounts for their establishments, among others.

Increase engagement because your brand and your followers can have a closer relationship. Disadvantages of Snapchat disadvantages of social network Disadvantages at the user level Take screenshots, violating the person’s Paraguay Phone Number privacy. If this occurs, a notification will be sent to the other user. For some users, it is considered an unethical app, since the information that is made through the publications by photos or videos is hidden. It could be a problem for young people because they can be addicted, since this app has a variety of filters, stickers, among others that make it more dynamic. Send inappropriate content for adults.

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because the posts disappear in 24 hours and do not have security filters. You cannot have any reaction such as commenting on a photo, liking a publication, as in other social networks, having little ability to replicate them. Disadvantages at the brand level The information you give to potential customers is not very limited, of potential customers is not very limited, because you cannot have more scope on their tastes or preferences, to carry more effective advertising. Videos and images show little information to users, therefore, they must be concise and direct in the message.

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Constant posting is needed to entertain and attract the attention of our users. Snapchat services snapchat services Snapchat is an app that.  Allows its users to interact with others. Therefore, it has added some services to give a better experience to its millions of users around the world. Since 2011, it has been updating its platform, and simultaneously, it has added some services that make it a creative and original app. Its services have to date, and since its promotion.  They have been very well , especially by young audiences and brands. Therefore, we will mention the Snapchat services.

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SnapMap SnapMap is an exclusive service of Snapchat that allows you to have the location of your contacts . Also, you can see the places where your snapchatters are, for example, sporting events. Brands use it to indicate places where their news, celebrations, among others, take place. Remember that you can select people or contacts to see your location. Discover Discover is a service that was in 2015. And that puts Snapchat as a means of communication for its followers. Snapchat as a company creates its own content.  But it that it has the collaboration of media such as CNN.  ESPN or National Geographic.

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