Jump towards agile, open and elongated innovation! Within companies , Sweden Email List has become vital. Competitive advantage, growth lever, improving its reputation, conquering new markets: all the reasons are good to innovate. But what is innovating today?

Innovation can take place in several forms (product, service, process, marketing or social) and in several degrees (breakthrough or incremental innovation). Different types of innovation have developed in recent years, such as open innovation or uberization . Do not hesitate to visit the official website for more information and to access the ticket office.

Open Innovation: “come In, It’s Open”

To boost their innovation, many companies have integrated startups into their organization, such as Apple, Google or L’Oréal. This mode of open innovation allows the company to discover new technologies and develop its knowledge.

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Some companies opt for a fablab creation like Leroy Merlin or Renault. A fablab is an open laboratory that allows any individual to have access to digital manufacturing tools in order to design objects alone or in collaboration. The concept of open innovation has spread a lot, but should all companies follow the trend? What are the concrete results? And if everything was just a simple communication dress …

Uberization: The New Virus Of The Traditional Economic Model

Uberization takes place when the traditional model of a sector is challenged by a digital player. Uber with taxis, Amazon with bookstores or Air Bnb with the hotel sector: no sector is immune. Startups have put the cards back on the table, and anything is now possible. Traditional companies must be reactive even if it means reviewing their business model.

Innovate with design thinking
At 50A we use the Design Thinking method : by placing people at the center, this approach allows us to innovate differently by drawing inspiration from designers’ methods, understanding customer needs, technological feasibility and economic reality to create new new products and services. This method stimulates creativity and develops the collaborative spirit within a team.

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