How do you determine engagement on Facebook? To find out if you are meeting your objectives and if the strategies that have been proposed are being effective, an analysis is made to measure our engagement on Facebook. This would help us take some actions to increase our fans, and be able to get more reactions from them with the fanpage. To account for engagement on Facebook , the following formula is used: how to determine it This will help determine the percentage obtained from Engagement on Facebook, and analyze what content is having more interactions with your followers, and gives you an idea of ​​the actions that you can improve to reach more users, and that they may be interested in your brand. through your fan page.

Tools to help you measure it There are tools, applications, among others that indicate the status of your posts on your fanpage, and the interaction that users have with it. For example, FirMick , which is a website that allows you to find out what is the “reaction” that predominates in your publications, and to know if you are meeting your Ecuador Phone Number communication objectives through Facebook. measuring tools FirMick allows you to see the percentage of the publications with the highest interest among your users. In addition, it shows you the indicators of your fan page, among them, the interaction of the publications. In addition, it allows you to have a more detailed report of the engagement of your fanpage.

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And to know what content you must improve so that it can work with your followers. Conclution Knowing what Facebook Engagement is, we must think about how to create something relevant that impacts to generate reactions. Recognizing who are the users who interact with the fanpage will help them feel identified with it. Therefore, more people will want to be part of that community. Remember that there are a few ways you can increase your engagement rate on Facebook. These are characterized by generating greater brand impact in this social network. Using tools like Firmick will help visualize your fanpage engagement metrics. Likewise, you will be able to know in which contents you must improve so that they are considered by your followers.

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Additionally, many companies decide to be updated to the constant technological changes. Therefore, they choose to take small specialized seminars on the subject, such as the Facebook Fundamentals for Business Course . Where you will learn about the different categories of the fanpage and then learn. How to manage it professionally and run campaignsCurrently. It is very common for a company to have a fan page on Facebook. As it is one of the most effective digital channels to have.  A presence in the life of the target audience.  Thanks to the direct interaction that can be and the possibilities.  That exist to invest in advertising. Faced with this large number of pages. It is important to seek to stand out from the others.  In addition to demonstrating that it is a serious fanpage.

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This is how there is the possibility of verifying a fanpage and. What publications are effective on Facebook.  Which indicates to the user that it is a legitimate site that is by Facebook. Requesting verification is not very because going to the “Settings. General”, “Page verification” menu, you can send the request to wait for it to . Why is it important to have a verified Facebook page? Having the support of Facebook brings several benefits, because this social network who is affirming your page is legitimate and that it is a trusted site. These are 4 reasons why you will know that verifying your fan page is the best thing you can do. 1.- You have more relevance in search engines Because it is a verified page, Facebook understands that it is a serious page with relevant content.

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