Today it seems practically unthinkable to do without Twitter when you want to invest in digital marketing. In the space of a few years, the little blue Algeria Email Lists has become the preferred tool of bloggers, journalists, marketers and executives to engage with their community and grow their audience. Whether you want to strengthen your credibility, to maintain your network, to improve your customer service or to monitor information, Twitter is proving to be a powerful ally in supporting all of your digital activities.

By dint of using this tool on a daily basis, you have undoubtedly developed certain behaviors and certain habits which allow other users to “catalog” you according to different profiles and to determine whether you deserve to be followed or not (and vice versa) . Wondering how you are viewed on Twitter? Or do you want to know which profiles to follow and which to avoid? Find out in the infographic below!

Social media infographic: Which Twitter user are you?

The star of social media Thanks to his fame or the success of his offline activities, this profile is a real celebrity on Twitter who has managed to generate a solid community of fans. He uses his account very actively and essentially shares quality content, which allows him to position himself as a key expert in his field of activity. He is mainly recognizable by his very unbalanced following / followers ratio.

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This is of course an extremely interesting profile to follow, especially if you manage to develop a relationship with him. Twitter butterfly This “Twitter addict” interacts with everyone, all the time, about any topic. Socially very active and engaged, it generally offers quality content. He is recognizable by a number of tweets well above the average, as well as an equally high Following / Followers number.

The unreachable popular

This character is clearly recognized in one or the other area, but hasn’t understood much on Twitter (or doesn’t consider it important to devote the time to it). Despite his relatively low level of interaction, he has great influence among his community. He is recognizable by his large number of Followers combined with a ridiculously low number of people followed (usually less than 100).

This type of profile will be interesting to follow, especially if you manage to fit into the closed circle of its “Happy Fews”, which will allow you to benefit from its influence. Otherwise the interest is rather limited. The anti-social of social networks. According to a survey by Beevolve, around 12% of all Twitter accounts are “protected”, meaning that the user must approve the profile that wants to follow him. They would be held mostly by women who tweet more than the average.

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