Google’s search results page, with Google Shopping at the Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number  top, then Google Paid Search, then Organic Search. The functionality was introduced way back in 2002 and catered to searchers who wanted to purchase a product. Where Google Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number  previously had the exclusive right to determine the auction within Shopping, other partners are also allowed to do this following changes in regulations. These are CSS partners , more on that later. Then there’s the difference between free and paid . In 2020, the search engine giant introduced an organic variant of Google Shopping .

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As in the example above, you can already see that the Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number search engine always shows the paid ones above the organic options in the results. The same goes for Shopping campaigns. It certainly can’t hurt to have your products participate in the free auction, but don’t expect too much from it. Currently, it is only 5 – 10% of what Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number you can get in traffic from organic Shopping campaigns. Incidentally, there has been an increase of 50% in recent months, so it is slowly but surely getting underway. Also read: 5 steps to make better use of Google Smart Shopping How does Google Shopping work?

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Google Shopping works like this: Create an account Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number  in Google Merchant Center , or with a CSS partner. Collect and enter your product feed data . Link your Google Merchant Center or other account to your Google Ads account. Create a Google Shopping campaign . Set bids for your Shopping campaign. Choose the desired targeting and plan Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number  the duration. Build ad groups. Optimize your campaigns for the best results. Google Shopping vs Search Campaigns What are the advantages of Google Shopping over search campaigns? Easier. You do not have to enter the keywords per product and build ads. Google Shopping does it for you via the product feed.

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