I share with you this article that we wrote today for Les Échos which addresses the theme of Inbound Marketing from a business point of view. It is a fact, Nepal Email List marketing is underexploited and still very little used by companies: fear of the unknown?, Worry about an additional cost?, Problem of planning, organization or difficulty to change mentalities?

On forums, blogs, in the specialized press, Inbound Marketing is a hot topic and the agencies that offer it are multiplying. The idea is simple: to become sufficiently interesting and well referenced in the search engines to bring visitors to you and turn them into prospects and then into customers by engaging them and inviting them to fill out contact forms to access resources. Premium (white papers, best practice guides, etc.). Beyond this ability to generate new leads, this technique is also an asset for improving the image of companies, by presenting frequent and rich news, services, and demonstrated expertise.

An Inbound Approach: A Site Dedicated To Health

All the elements therefore agree to promise inbound marketinga great future. That being said, and despite its apparent simplicity, inbound marketing remains relatively under-adopted by businesses. Why are companies often reluctant to move forward to include this technique in their communication plan in a systematic way? This article aims to decipher this state of affairs and to suggest some avenues for reflection:

Nepal Email List

The need for visibility and the dissemination of information is therefore gradually replacing the discreet and personalized relationship of proximity embodied by the medical visit. The logic of inbound marketing or Inbound marketing is therefore perfectly in line with this trend: to offer web platforms adapted to targeted interlocutors (doctors, pharmacists, patients), disseminating quality news, connected to sharing tools and social networks and offering a sufficient degree of interactivity to engage the interlocutors to sympathize with the brand to gradually convert them into buyers or influencers while conveying a quality image.

We can therefore expect that the future will bewebsites, blogs, serious games, dissemination of white papers, webinars and other tools, which will be the armed forces of a “key accounts” medical visit whose mission will have evolved from “door to door” to full- scale Community Management driven by marketing via internet interactions.

Inbound Marketing And Real Time: A Winning Strategy

The real challenges in supporting these processes will undoubtedly be being able to coordinate online and offline actions to establish a comprehensive and coherent strategy by integrating patients, pharmacists, doctors and institutions and by allocating the necessary resources to these new Community managers, product managers. , medical representatives and other marketing and communications professionals.

Information systems (IT) will move in this direction to ensure the success of the information flow and coach tours and tracking of contacts at all levels: entry webinar , downloading books white s , medical visit, visit ” a stand at a congress, newsletter subscription , participation in a serious game …

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