During the May holidays, I read an article on the blog of Hubspot, an IT solutions publisher behind the democratization of inbound marketing. It was about the sometimes chaotic relationship between sales and Dominican Republic Email List and it took me back to my own experience on both sides of the fence. The article recalls a figure that speaks for itself … 87% of the words used by sales to describe marketing and vice versa have a negative connotation.

Hello the atmosphere! Generally speaking, sales think that marketing does not understand the reality on the ground, does not generate enough leads … Marketing for its part finds that sales are ineffective, misuse leads and do not respect key company messages. To restore production and mutual understanding, HubSpot offers 11 points that should enable sales and marketing to work better together you can look directly to their article. Nothing revolutionary in itself, the main idea being to bring the two services as close as possible to help them better understand each other in order to work togethereffectively as a team and not by remaining two separate departments. In my opinion, however , it is unfortunate that this article does not refer more to inbound marketing .

The ‘ Inbound Marketing , the missing link between marketing and sales?

Inbound marketing is certainly a practice that contributes to the visibility and image of the company, but it also contributes massively to the generation of top quality leads. In this way, we respond to the elements often criticized by both sides by sales and marketing:

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Inbound marketing seen from the side of the marketing department: The practice of inbound marketing, in particular through the creation of quality informative content, invites marketing professionals to get closer to customers and thus to better understand market issues. All this resulting in the generation of many highly qualified leads , via the sharing of white papers or others.

Inbound marketing seen from the sales side:

Here, sales are more efficient and easier, thanks to the arrival of new qualified contacts directly transmitted by marketing, prospecting then being reduced in favor of the exploitation of leads . Salespeople thus see the usefulness of marketing on a daily basis! From this point of view, the two services become aware of their roles and responsibilities and realize that they participate together in the success of the company. If this vision is a bit simplistic, I find that inbound marketing has the advantage of being a form of marketing very oriented towards business development and efficiency.

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To test an idea or collect customer opinions, digital support is ideal . A blog post takes a few hours of writing and becomes visible to everyone. It is not a question of printing 3 pallets of expensive brochures to present a product. The fact of not having to release large budgets allows to gain in flexibility.

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