What if we stopped playing cat and mouse with our customers?
We approach here regularly the inbound marketing in all its aspects, both technical, Afghanistan Email Lists and theoretical. If its effectiveness is soon no longer to be demonstrated as it will have enabled many companies to gain expert status and customers by disseminating quality information, the true philosophy of the discipline, for its part, remains little. addressed.

We will then find mainly descriptive, technical interventions, which in our opinion prevent the curious reader from having a real overview of inbound marketing. So what is at stake for companies to adopt inbound marketing and bet on honesty? And you, what do you think of storytelling as a way to connect more easily with your audience? Have you tried it before? If you want to strengthen your Brand Awareness and the engagement of your customers, we can help you find your own story … Do not hesitate to contact us !

Follow trends

If you follow our blog, we always try to keep our eyes wide open for what lies ahead as marketers, but also as consumers. We are now adopting new habits with information that has become ubiquitous, to which everyone contributes, and which is becoming accessible everywhere with the rise of mobility. We are therefore better informed, and the unfavorable economic context will quickly make us suspicious buyers., and whether we are in a personal or professional context.

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We have therefore become accustomed to looking for information online to choose the best service provider, the one that we believe to be the most reliable and the most professional. Thus, the availability of information directly concerns companies which now have the means to express themselves directly, by bringing added value to the discussion and by refusing flashy and unconstructive publicity.

When transparency drives companies to improve

It’s a fact, you have to “sell yourself ” on the internet, because this is where consumers will look for you or at least take the time to evaluate you. To get to know you better, your prospects will take the time to discover you via your site and this therefore deserves that you pay particular attention to it. So here we are, you realized that inbound marketing was a very good approach to find new customers and gain notoriety,but until now your marketing plan has been limited to traditional activities.

You must therefore improve your website, imagine a real identity, choose an editorial line, redefine the concerns of your readers … This approach then leads you to behave like a medium and to ask yourself what makes your competitors different and really interests you your prospects: a good exercise in style to take stock and put your business in the right direction, even in its operational aspects!

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