In continuation of our contribution on the Inbound Marketing in the newspaper Les Netherlands Email List , we were directly requested by some of you who wanted to learn more about this concept so attractive:

At the risk of disappointing you (or reassuring you), there is nothing magical about this practice. It is simply a question of reconnecting with certain fundamentals to work effectively and improve its image in the medium / long term by offering business opportunities (New leads) in the short term. We take here some of your remarks one by one to offer our truths on the practical aspects of this technique:

“Too Good To Be True, Where Is The Scam?”

There is no scam, it really works. But beware, this also requires some expertise and requires a lot of work and commitment on a daily basis to create and distribute content of interest. In competitive sectors, it is also necessary to provide great SEO efforts , prepare premium content to be made downloadable … In general, there is a great deal of work in editorial strategy, content creation, IT development before being able to launch the solution and see the first results.

Netherlands Email List

For the sake of confidentiality, we will only cite our situation. The site of our inbound marketing agency has been online for a week, we were spontaneously contacted by about forty contacts who would like to know more about our services. So I think this is quickly paying off! The effect will tend to increase with Google SEO, Community Management actions, and all the energy you put into bringing your Inbound Marketing to life! For our current clients in the health and biotechnology world, we work between 4 and 15 days a month to run these Inbound campaigns.

“It’s All Well And Good, But My Structure And My Type Of Employee Prevent Me From Revolutionizing My Communication.”

Inbound Marketing is a profession that calls for several areas of expertise: content creation, social networks, IT development … Maybe you can outsource these services or part of them to an agency that can help you. to make the right choices and provide you with all the indicators you need to measure your results.

4. “My company swears by cold calls and it has always worked well!”
Practicing inbound marketing doesn’t mean you’ll stop everything you do today. You will continue to canvass your customers, you will simply have access to new, highly qualified prospects obtained through these practices. Isn’t that a great help? The adoption of inbound marketing will improve your image and strengthen the efficiency of your traditional activities.

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