More and more companies are now interested in Inbound Marketing , and for good reason. Renowned less expensive than traditional Burkina Faso Email List based on outbound marketing such as sending advertisements, canvassing or posting, it is gradually finding its place in the communication plan of companies.

Inbound marketing is concerned with the expectations of your customers. To bring visitors to its website, it takes effort, a lot of effort. You will have to work on your natural referencing in search engines, your social media strategy or even opt for adwords. You should also be interested in the content you choose to distribute on your website and this is often where things get complicated. If regularly posting articles on a blog or in forums is an exercise that requires a great investment of time, he also asks to know his customers very precisely and on a day-to-day basis. Indeed, how can you offer engaging content if you do not know the questions that your customers ask themselves on a daily basis? How are you going to offer them an article or a white paper that will appeal to them?

The right content for the right targets

What is the point of posting blog posts every day if your prospects, those users who get your full attention, aren’t interested. Remember: You don’t write for Google, you don’t write for your competition, you don’t write for the curious. You write for your future clients!

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The practice of marketing requires in- depth knowledge of your customers to imagine the best products, identify the right market segments or support your sales force towards success. The advantage of inbound marketing here lies in the timing: As soon as you have information on the questions your customers are asking, you can directly offer an answer on your blog and generate the commitment of your targets! This is therefore an ideal practice for establishing a dialogue with your prospects.

Salespeople, artisans of customer relations

In traditional marketing, the exchanges between sales and marketing are often top-down and feedback from the field is difficult. It is often a question of motivation on the part of salespeople! The latter do not feel listened to, because when they have ideas and needs, marketing will often take several weeks or several months to offer them the brochure or the support that will allow them to move forward. Result ? They give up and they make do with their own means, all their valuable observations then ending up in the trash …

What method to reconcile sales and marketing?
To encourage business to make returns to the marketing, they must feel that marketing is helpful, it generates leads and includes clients in the retail, integrating all the daily hassles. These are the subjects that will differentiate and allow your company to create white papers or blog articles that perfectly meet the expectations of your customers.

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