For laymen and experts alike , inbound marketing can sometimes seem a bit confusing . This extremely rich and evolving discipline incorporates so Brunei Email Lists strategies and techniques into its methodology that one can quickly feel overwhelmed by its complexity! And in this case, as we often say: a picture is better than a long speech ! This is why today we are offering you an infographic allows you to have a clear idea of ​​the different paths that consumers can take in an inbound methodology, going from the stage of simple visitor to that of prospect, of customer, to becoming a true ambassador of your brand.

This simplified version of the Marketing Funnel does not claim to reinvent the wheel but rather to provide a clear and simple visual that takes up all the traditional tools and techniques to be used in an Inbound strategy at each stage of the methodology: Top of the funnel : blog, social media and search engine optimization in order to ‘ attract traffic to your website; Middle of the Funnel : Call-To-Action , landing pages and thank you pages + educational and informative downloadable content (Ebooks, white paper, etc.) to turn your visitors into qualified leads ; Bottom of the funnel : lead nurturing + offers more specific content (case studies, buying guide, trial offer and consultation) as well as retention and engagement techniques to turn your leads into satisfied customers


A fun infographic on inbound marketing!

Communicate, communicate, communicate . Your raison d’être must be transparent and unambiguous. Spread your message, tell everyone who is willing to listen to you what you are doing, why you are doing it and what your motivations are. Evangelize your employees first . They are your best allies and your natural spokespersons . Make sure they understand your message, buy into it, and choose to work with you not out of spite or necessity, but out of choice. It is through your employees that the revolution you want to set in motion will begin and without unwavering internal support, it will be impossible for you to propagate your evangelizing message externally.

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Lead by example . As the founder of your company, it is essential that your actions and words correspond in all points with the values ​​of your company. Don’t ride a Hummer if your leitmotif is to preserve the planet’s ecosystem, even if it’s Sunday. Being honest with yourself and with others is essential if you want to instill confidence in those around you.

When to choose a freelancer?

As you can imagine, turning a consumer into an ambassador is not easy. Gaining the trust of a customer is the most difficult challenge for a business, especially when it is relatively young. It is only by dint of self-sacrifice, consistency and fair decisions that you will gradually get there. If there is only one thing to remember, it is this: any action, any change, any revolution only starts under the leadership of a leader. Be that leader, believe in yourself and your business, and then you can claim to inspire those around you. If you are not sure, contact our 3.0 Marketing Agency !

PS: The response from Marina’s boss was not long in coming … He too has just published a video in which he sends a message tinged with a touch of vengeance: using exactly the same music and the same scenario that Marina, he explains how great his company is … And that they are hiring!

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