Companies marketing products and services in the field of biotechnology exclude too often the digital marketing of their strategy. Indeed, the digital marketing budget of a biotech is very often absorbed by the Mexico Email List in specialized exhibitions, business conventions and the production of sales support documents and other brochures. When digital marketing is taken into account , it is often reduced to the creation of little active showcase websites and some paid referencing services (Adwords).

Wrongly, traditional Marketing is often perceived as being a mandatory step while digital marketing is seen as a bonus allowing the simple promotion of the image of the company. While communication around these values ​​can be interesting, generating leads remains a priority for medium and small businesses. That being said, it’s important to keep in mind that a built digital strategy backed by inbound marketing can allow businesses to find qualified leads at lower costs than traditional Marketing.

Inbound Marketing And Real Estate Agencies

For this, it is first of all necessary to ensure the visibility of his company on the internet, the search for service providers being carried out more and more by this means. To be sure to appear during the searches of its potential customers, it is essential to take care of the natural referencing of its site and to multiply the doors of entry to this one by ensuring in particular an active presence on social networks.To attract your targets on the internet, define precisely who are the decision-makers likely to use your services, are they laboratory directors, technicians, or study engineers? What are their daily problems? What are the obstacles that your services can solve? And more generally, what are their internet browsing habits?

Mexico Email List

After answering these questions, you need to post valuable information to meet the needs of your targets. It’s not about expressing yourself in a promotional tone, but about building an editorial strategy around the interests of your potential clients. Publish content by providing technical elements, bounce back on news from your customers’ markets, relay business information to facilitate their monitoring. This content, whatever its nature (articles, videos, infographics), must be published on your website in order to attract your targets to you and demonstrate your expertise. All you have to do is turn your traffic into prospects by offering them premium content such as white papers allowing you to retrieve their contact details via forms during the download process.

Overcome The Competition With Inbound Marketing

The Inbound Marketing therefore starts directly to the success Service biotech companies and that, whatever their size. Digital marketing thus deserves to be considered as a direct participant in the commercial efforts of biotech companies and justifies the interest that many leaders in the biotechnology sector have placed in it.

To learn more about digital marketing in biotech, do not hesitate to download our resources: White paper on digital marketing for biotechnology companies. Thus – The presence of brands on social networks is important in mature markets and vital in emerging markets. – Brand content is particularly suitable for developing user engagement with a brand, quality content is king! – In certain sectors of activity, a traditional couponing strategy can and should be applied to digital to develop user engagement.

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