I wanted to discuss today in our digital marketing blog a well known concept in big business and who happens to be a redundant topic in business schools: what I called the Lean X . We are talking about Lean management, Lean Czechia B2B List (production), but I was also able to find a number of resources on Lean marketing , which directly appealed to me and I will come back to it in this article with a focus on inbound marketing . To be brief, doing Lean means striving for what is called operational excellence .

The community management is a full time job and lengthy. You will have to fight against the prevailing short-termism and persevere. Forget about automatic liking tools and other bots : if you want to create engagement, you will have to give of yourself. Provide concrete answers to your prospects’ problems : thanks to this high added value information provided without having to fill out forms, leads are interested in your brand, your products and your services without having to resort to intrusive sales canvassing .
To create good content, you must first know your typical customers (your Personas ), their challenges, their problems and constraints, their missions and their purchasing cycles (the famous Buyer’s Journey ).

What is Lean?

In English, Lean means, “lean”, “sharp”, “lean”. We therefore use these expressions to talk about an optimized process where we have taken care to eliminate all unnecessary elements , generating losses, which contribute to the waste of time, resources, and ultimately money. Originally, the concept was introduced by a team of researchers from MIT to qualify the Toyota production system. Without going into detail here, the approach consists of a continuous improvement process, to reduce the risk of errors by organizing workstations and adapting the production tool, for example. In short, make every effort useful and benefit from every expense.The lean startup “. Written by Eric Ries in 2008, the book offers an interesting approach to lean. It is about minimizing sales cycles and ensuring that product or service development takes place within the right direction throughout the activities of the company

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But now, the mistake of some entrepreneurs is to want to arrive on the market with a finished product. Large sums of money and a lot of time were then invested without the validation of all the initial hypotheses not being able to be carried out satisfactorily. In this sense, some founders then imagine functions consuming time, resources and money, which ultimately do not interest users! The idea is then to operate on an experimental basis to validate a concept step by step while being permanently in touch with the market to have products in line with customer expectations and avoid waste.

Lean: a state of mind to adopt in marketing

To create the best product / service, you have to meet the market as soon as possible! Wondering what marketing has to do with all of this? Here we are. Lean is above all a state of mind that can be applied in all departments of the company, so why not in marketing? MKT professionals often have constraints that prevent them from being completely effective when it comes to setting up their communication campaigns: respecting complex validation circuits, overseeing budgets and the ROI of all their actions. In the end, there is not so much room for experimentation and continuous improvement.

Inbound marketing, a lean approach?
I then thought of inbound marketing and a few elements led me to the idea that this method could be likened to a form of Lean marketing. Marketing where you can benefit from a certain flexibility with low investments and the possibility of seeing in real time what is working and what can be abandoned.

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