If you read this blog regularly, you will notice that inbound marketing is a topic regularly discussed with passion and commitment. As these strategies are implemented with us and with our customers, we Anguilla Email List attribute new virtues to it. Of course, basically, by regularly providing quality information to your targets, you improve your SEO, you bring customers to you and you generate new qualified prospects and new sales. But what if we go further? We have already told you about lean marketing before, let’s talk about todayinbound marketing from a different angle by putting it at the heart of the innovation process.

Structure your text
This is a mistake we run into on a regular basis: blog posts written in a single block, without any structure. There is nothing like it to scare a reader away. You should know that, and especially on the internet, we do not read an article, we scan it. This is why it is essential that a blog post or any type of web content is structured with a clear title, captions, dashes, conclusion, bold text, etc. By building your text in chunks, you will help your readers’ eyes easily bounce from one place on the page to another and consume what interests them. Keep one thing in mind: the reader is a rushed and distracted person, don’t complicate matters.

Innovation: a lifeline in a changing world

Successful companies have an unfortunate tendency to question themselves relatively little, and even at the highest level, essential companies and empires have collapsed by missing a turn in the minds of consumers, or by passing by. a trend. Think for example of Nokia and Blackberry which in their not so distant time missed out on the smartphone revolution and ended up disappearing from the mobile telephony landscape… The innovation process thus concerns us all, consultants, SMEs and large groups.

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But what is marketing doing in there?It is above all a matter of strategy, isn’t it? Or maybe for marketing strategy? In any case, before making key decisions to orient the company on a new segment, it is important to have attentive ears and eyes open to the practices of its competitors and to the desires of its customers. So we are talking about standby? Almost !

Barriers that are fading in the company

To get closer to the subject of this article, let us recall the approach of inbound marketing. It is about taking note of the change in consumer habits, refusing invasive and unsolicited advertising and communication, providing high value-added information to its customers to bring them to you and transform them. as prospects or customers. In this configuration, marketing is no longer just a sales support, it positions the company on a daily basis as a medium to generate leads and strengthen the commercial efficiency of the structure. alespeople and marketers then work hand in hand (well almost, let’s not dream…) and in a dynamic manner.

This synergy allows the company to become much more responsive, on feedback from salespeople, marketers can, for example, offer content quickly on a blog to meet customer needs… A great opportunity! Reactivity motivates exchanges, inbound marketing can then encourage salespeople to provide key information to the marketing department. The start of an innovation process? By its dynamic side, inbound marketing will exempt the marketing depart mentto wait for a semi-annual kick off meeting to obtain incomplete feedback from disillusioned and misunderstood salespeople …

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