By reading our website, you will understand that we take a great interest in inbound marketing . This method has been widely presented on the Nigerian Email Database via forums and other blogs and we will not detail it here. Just remember that the idea is to create interesting marketing content (via sites or blogs) to bring prospects to you, then to engage them via contact forms to gradually transform them into customers. Attractive, isn’t it?

As improvements in terms of interface and functionality have progressed, we have indeed noticed that the emphasis has been placed on visual content. This is why images, infographics and even now GIFs hold a prominent place. Passionate about inbound marketing, inbound marketing, we pushed our thoughts on the future of this practice and its consequences for the company:

Google + Is Seen More And More As A Visual Platform.

What do you think of these statistics? Did you expect such results or are you rather surprised? What do you think we should expect in the years to come? Please feel free to share with us via the comments! Process this information: Marketing will then have access to quality customer issues that deserve to be taken into account in all of the company’s departments. Sort information and act: Identify the best questions and implement actions such as writing blog articles, strategic thinking on products, reviewing buyer personas …
Keep informed:

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To encourage salespeople to maintain this field watch work, it is then necessary to show them (monthly for example) the actions that have been implemented: writing blog articles, white papers, product improvement, etc. then directly expose them proudly to their prospects and customers in embarrassment, enough to strengthen their commitment to the company!

Make The Company A Center Of Attraction

It’s a bit of a “back to basics” marketing here used to bring customers to the business and make it visible. Today I wanted to talk about the consequences of this shift for companies, because the trend has accelerated further with the saturation of outbound advertising messages (Outbound) which are losing efficiency and the improvement of communication and search tools. (Google, tablets, mobility …). Customers no longer want to be told what to buy because they now know how to find the elements to make their choice on their own. For companies that use the ‘ inbound marketing,the consequences are multiple, and they are not only operational (non-exhaustive list that I leave you free to comment on and complete):

Choosing inbound marketing means choosing to be honest with your customers somewhere . You play “cards on the table”, so put away your “flashy” signs and commercially aggressive speeches and get used to this idea: Customers don’t naturally trust you. They are now well informed and know how to find what they are looking for. Help yourself by becoming attractive and visible, and very often becoming attractive in the eyes of your customers, it involves improving your practices, your services, the way you communicate them by trusting your customers to notice your efforts. You read correctly. Inbound marketing makes you better and is to be consumed without moderation!

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