Meetings where some of the participants are physically Oman Phone Number present and the rest online. Do not work as well as 100% virtual meetings. The online participants are often ignored, but it is also possible that everyone feels alone but aim at the screen. Another, probably Oman Phone Number recognizable example: if one colleague works on Monday/Wednesday/Friday and the other on Tuesday/Thursday, or if teams take turns meeting in the office, they still never see each other.

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Hybrid working video meeting The Digital Employee Oman Phone Number Experience to the rescue In our naivety and flexibility, we are therefore in danger of going completely wrong with hybrid working. And that is dangerous with pitfalls in your way. How can we avoid them? Hybrid working is of course about working remotely, so that communication technology plays an Oman Phone Number important role is a head-turner. James Robertson, for many an old acquaintance from previous conferences and this time an online speaker from Australia at the Digital Workspace Event of Frankwatching , looks at the Digital Employee Experience , or the DEX: “ the sum of the digital interactions within the work environment .

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And then comes the sixth bonus pitfall: thinking that Oman Phone Number the current ICT systems are sufficient. Working ‘in the cloud’ has taken off enormously since corona. We can now access our files from anywhere, collaborate on documents, make video Oman Phone Number calls. But that does not cover all forms of communication that we miss from the office. It is not without reason that many employees create their own ‘ shadow-DEX ‘, for example with WhatsApp and LinkedIn groups.

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