Large organizations such as Radboudumc, financial Hungary Phone Number scale-up New10 and the GGD shared their insights about bringing new employees on board in a hybrid form. In style: the event was also ‘hybrid’. A combination of a physical event on the Zaanse Hungary Phone Number Hem site and digital. Below I share 4 insights that I gained during the day from the inspiring stories of Appical, Radboudumc and New10, among others. Also read: Consulting while walking, that’s how you make it a habit 1. Hybrid onboarding requires its own approach Hybrid working (partly in the office, partly elsewhere) has broken through as an accepted form of working, partly thanks to corona.

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It is no longer a kind of niche that only a select Hungary Phone Number group of people make use of. That is why it is very important that you as a company think about how to make your onboarding processes ‘hybrid proof’. Now and in the long term. Peter Straatsma Hungary Phone Number of onboard specialists Appical shared the insights they gained in a detailed keynote: Step 1 . Do not start in the boardroom, but ask the employees. That way you know how it actually goes, not how you think it goes. Step 2 . Then rewrite the internal process based on your wishes and goals with the new onboarding.

To Realize

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Don’t forget to involve recruitment. After all, a good Hungary Phone Number acquaintance starts long before the first working day. Later in the day, Nienke van Stiphout of Radboudumc states even more firmly that onboarding starts with building your employer Hungary Phone Number brand (i.e. with employer branding ). Step 3 . Every company where new people come to work has an onboarding process, even if you think you don’t have one. Align this process with the new approach you came up with in steps 1 and 2. In this step, the temptation is great not to be critical enough of yourself.

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