In France, no less than 5% of the Moldova Email List suffers from diabetes , a percentage that has been growing throughout the last century. * There are several types of diabetes, the cause and treatment of which are distinct, but the required follow-up is just as rigorous. In any case, unbalanced diabetes over time can lead to many more or less vital complications, hence the importance of maintaining day-to-day stability. Faced with the growing number of diagnoses, the pace of patient follow-up is increasingly difficult for specialist physicians (diabetologists), which can lead to increasingly spaced check-ups (every 3 to 6 months, see

pancreas or resistance to it, linked to a poor lifestyle. Gestational diabetes only appears during certain cases of pregnancy. ** Source: French Federation of Diabetics What is the service developed by MyDiabby? MyDiabby is a telemedicine or telesurveillance platform that connects diabetic patients to their usual doctor . It enables patient data relating to diabetes to be collected and shared with one’s medical team . The medical team can thus be alerted or alert the patient if necessary, and guide him remotely.with access to its data in real time: glycemia (blood sugar level), physical activities, specific meals, etc. The user can enter this

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information manually in the application, or transfer it directly via his connected devices (blood glucose meter, insulin pump). This point is important because the usual follow-up of diabetics is done in consultation with a diabetologist, every 3 to 6 months depending on the load of the hospital center. This is often insufficient for a pathology to be managed on a daily basis without interruption. The need for remote monitoring therefore appears quite clearly, hence the idea of ​​an interactive platform. What is the history of the project? MyDiabby was created 5 years ago, with a first platform version created in April 2015. Originally, we wanted to help


patients with gestational diabetes , in other words gestational diabetes requiring very close follow-up. The project worked very well, which is why we decided to open the platform to type 1 and 2 diabetes in 2017. The challenge remains the same: to give medical teams the means to properly monitor their patients, even remotely . Diabetes is a pathology that requires care and adaptation at every moment of the day, and the treatment needs of which often vary. Regular monitoring is the key to balanced diabetes, regardless of type. MyDiabby helps healthcare teams to work in better conditions by facilitating their access to patient data

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so that they can better guide them in their treatment. What were the first feedbacks? Originally, the platform was just a simple monitoring table. The features were added over time, thanks to the various feedback from patient and physician users. Today the platform is very complete, since it integrates a multitude of detailed data in the form of a dashboard and graphs of results. The doctor can thus know the typical day of his patient in detail, as well as his average trends of results. We are far from the traditional paper follow-up book to present at each consultation! The teams not only have access to reliable data, but also to tools that allow

them to optimize their time managing patient files . No more administrative paperwork! What are the next steps and challenges? If the platform works wonderfully, the question arises around the devices connected to the platform . There are many different blood glucose meters, applications and insulin pumps available on the market. Some may be linked to the app, but not all, and it takes time to get manufacturers’ consent to use their devices with our platform. This detail slows down patients’ use of MyDiabby because it takes them more time to enter data manually when the device does not connect automatically. The advantage of

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