I first worked in marketing and Belarus WhatsApp Number List at Unilever after ESSEC for 5 years. I then left for Unilever in Buenos Aires where I took my family, then I followed my husband to San Francisco 4 years later, where I launched a first company in clothing personalization, to help customers find clothes that match them in each store. After other responsibilities in digital marketing, I returned to food innovation at The Clorox Company, where my mission was to replace components of formulas enriched with natural ingredients. It was while working in this field that I tested innovative food rebalancing programs based on biological tests, the concept of which I wanted to adapt to French and European specificities.

1Food1Me is the first biologically-based digital wellness nutrition program in Europe. It is a program based on nutritional biological analyzes which assess any nutritional deficits and excess. It is not a medical program. It teaches us what and how to change our eating routine. I created 1Food1Me not as a diet to lose weight, but as a program to improve well-being through food. This program is personalized according to individual objectives. These goals can be to gain energy, reduce fatigue, improve digestive comfort, stimulate intellectual performance, increase physical performance, improve the quality of sleep, increase the chances of aging well, etc.

What is your background

Everyone has a different diet: not everyone reacts to the same foods in the same way. This is the obstacle that the non-personalized plans will face. Due to a lack of daily follow-up, it is difficult to change your routine. Our tool is digital, which allows customers to receive and implement dietary changes on a daily basis, and for the service and its team to follow them remotely, unlike common commercial solutions, which do not offer follow-up. between two appointments with the nutritionist which are sometimes several months apart. The relevant measurement tools are little known and not very accessible.


Our program includes a review of 18 nutritional biomarkers. Our clients thus objectively measure the impact of the changes they have undertaken in their biology, which is an additional motivating factor. It’s about changing your diet to find foods that meet your individual needs, based on factual and objective data about a person’s nutritional status. This is an important difference from universal or impersonal diet advice. The client starts the program with a blood test and urinalysis at a laboratory near his home. These analyzes are supplemented by a questionnaire on his lifestyle and his well-being goals. Then, the customer takes a “photo day”: a photograph of everything he consumes during a day.

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All this data is then processed by a proprietary algorithm that triggers a path of change in eating behavior over an average of three months. This journey is personalized, objective and measurable. The program comes with shopping lists and remote consultations with a pharmacist specializing in health nutrition. Each week, the person evaluates his changes, which provides an indicator of his level of commitment to the program. I created 1Food1Me in 2018. The industrialization of a first pilot, carried out in partnership with a national network of analysis laboratories, was carried out thanks to a Frenchtech grant from Bpifrance obtained in 2019. Our service has been marketed since January 2020 in France. Since October 2020, we have been targeting the Belgian market. The ambition is to deploy in Europe.

I was the winner of the Entrepreneur Network in 2020 and last week I completed a Friends and Family fundraising campaign which makes it possible to recruit 3 people this year. The objective is to be around twenty employees within 3 years. Today I have 7 employees and 2 interns. In the coming months, I am recruiting a Head of Sales for commercial expansion, and a Customer Success Manager to manage key account partnerships. Notice to interested parties! We are both on a B2C model, we are addressing the end consumer, and on a B2B2C model on 3 verticals in particular:

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