Indeed the video format, in general, provides engagement. A visual whatever it is will capture users and thus promote the call to action quickly I am Card. Which with its creative format. Is a source of lead generation (visits and therefore traffic on a website). For my part, I remain with the old limit imposed by Twitter. Ie 140 characters. We can say that tweets are between 70 and 110 characters. In general, get the most interactions, but also they generate a significant reach. There is no such thing as a perfect tweet. But if we were to get closer, it would be a short structure with a shortened link and 2 hashtags (or even 3 maximum).

Be careful, too many hashtags kill the hashtag. Reading a tweet with a multitude of these hashtags does not really make you want to like or RT. And the tweet in question will lose readability, and therefore visibility. What makes the difference on a Facebook business page is the ability of the Community Manager to create. High added-value content. Some things will be essential, especially with the constant changes in Facebook’s algorithm. It’s all about the hooks of the posts, and the nerve center is how the CM will editorialize. The best tip is to imagine a list of keywords, which will constitute the hooks of your posts. Its keywords will illustrate your words.

10 and 15 keywords are needed to achieve this

That is to say, that they will be directly correlated with the theme of your different posts. Clearly, the keywords will have to agree with the different visuals of the publications and will have a direct semantic link with the photos. Danilo Duchesnes. As a Albania Phone Number business or an entrepreneur, we all know how difficult it is to know how to communicate on social media. I think about: The editorial line (what to publish?); The format of the publications; The tone and personality to adopt; Over the past 2 years, I made the choice to communicate on social networks to showcase my skills, and here is what I learned about communication on social networks.

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I published hundreds of posts on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Some have worked very well, others not at all. By observing which posts performed best for each social network, I realized that my audience responded better to some content than others. On Facebook and Instagram, my audience likes to see behind-the-scenes content, posts where I tell my personal story, and in which I reveal myself. This is perhaps a little less the case on LinkedIn where the people who are in my network are rather looking to be educated on digital. What I’m trying to tell you is that it’s only by posting posts with different goals or messages that you’ll be able to find out what YOUR audience really wants.

The shortest tweets are the most impactful

Then it’s up to you to post the content your audience loves more often. Hint: every business is different! You have to test to find out. Also, don’t hesitate to look at your competitor’s posts to get an idea of ​​what is valued in your industry. Adopt a casual tone and show your personality. Since we’re talking about communication, it’s also important to talk about your tone and the touch of personality you add to your posts. You go to social networks to “relax” and observe what is going on in your sphere. You don’t go there to read philosophical texts. And so any posts that seem too serious, you’re probably going to skip them because they’re not suitable for your social media use.

Companies must adapt to it by developing a tone that is both professional and relaxed. So don’t hesitate to use a bit of humor (be careful not to use dark or a little ambiguous humor). Also, experiment with different ways of writing your posts by bringing out the personality of your brand (and not that of your community manager). Observe the comments afterward to see if your personality is reacting. If you need examples, take a look at the O’Tacos Facebook page which garners extremely high engagement or Decathlon’s communication on Twitter. Internet users are often surprised to see that it is actually someone like them who is communicating FOR a business.

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