Consult the Azerbaijan Mobile Phone Numbers depending on your CMS to see if there are details on Sitemaps. We have included information on the most used CMS below: How to find your sitemap on WordPress? WordPress does not have a built-in functionality for the automatic generation of Sitemaps but there are many plugins that offer this functionality. The most common extensions are Yoast SEO and Google XML Sitemaps . How to find your Sitemap on Shopify or Wix? These two platforms automatically generate XML Sitemaps and place them as a sitemap.xml file on your domain. You should be able to find your sitemap by adding /sitemap.xml at the end of your domain in your browser.

Example: While these services do not allow you to directly edit Sitemaps files, they automatically update with new URLs when they are created, unless you explicitly specify in the CMS that certain URLs are to be excluded from the Sitemap. I found my Sitemap. And after ? Once you have identified or created your Sitemap you must verify that the file is valid. You can do this by submitting its address in Search Console or using a tool such as this Sitemap Validator . If you have a valid Sitemap file, follow these steps to get the best impact on your SEO : Make sure that your Sitemap is up to date and that the URLs are valid.

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In addition to a valid file format, your Sitemap should only contain precise URLs that exist and whose response returned by the server corresponds to the code 200. Any outdated or incorrect sitemaps should be removed to avoid confusion for bots. Add a line to declare your Sitemap in your robots.txt file (optional): this is a good idea for other search engines that are not Google or Bing , but if you are sensitive to the fact that competitors get information valuable through your Sitemap, this is not necessary. Submit your Sitemap to Google through Search Console: Search Console provides valuable information on how .

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Google processes your Sitemap file. Submit your Sitemap to Bing via Bing Webmaster Tools (the equivalent of Search Console for Bing): Bing also provides a tool for submitting your Sitemap. What if I can’t find my Sitemap? If you’ve tried all of these methods and still can’t find your Sitemap, you might just not have one. To create a Sitemap, you can use a plugin on your CMS (as explained in this article), create one manually, or use a crawler such as Screaming Frog to crawl your site and export a Sitemap file for you to download. For more information on Sitemaps, see the Search Console help section provided by Google .

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Core Web Vitals: UX invites itself as a ranking factor On May 5, 2020, Google introduced its Web Vitals program , supervised by the Chrome team and whose objective is to set up metrics aimed at measuring the performance and user experience offered by web pages. At the same time, the Mountain View firm announced that these UX metrics will be considered, from June 2021, as SEO positioning factors. Summary What is Google’s Web Vitals program? How to check the health of your site?

What does that change? User experience as a low ranking factor Google talks about Page Experience This Page Experience affects the ranking well Focus on Google News and “Featured” articles The beginning of the end for AMP? Conclusion What is Google’s Web Vitals program? Overall, this project is based on three foundations: loading time, interactivity and visual stability of the content of the page . These three factors combined represent the heart of the Core Web Vitals project. These three foundations are assessed against three factors: Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), for load time, which measures perceived load speed and marks the point in the page load timeline where the main content on the page loaded. First Input Delay (FID), for interactivity,

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