Thus the tweets of the digital morning of Twitter are instantly recognizable and stand out on the Timeline of my followers. Visual on Social Networks. Once your editorial line has been chiseled and the tone of your communication refined to look like no other (by definition since you are unique and you seek to convey your values), you should see your community grow. Because you respond to his need to be informed on the subjects that are close to his heart. And this community is a living, moving organism, demanding that it is important to know in order to retain it.

A credo: proximity, because it is this which makes it possible to create the link with your community and which makes it want to come back. Like what happened for FlashTweet, URL, and IRL link-weaver media, which brings together its Followers every morning eager to give meaning to Digital Transformation, by exchanging, sharing information, and feeding on everyone’s expertise before going to work with a few keys on the digital transformation underway. Coupled with the expertise of FlashTweet and the credibility of the information that passes through reliable sources, this approach was at the heart of the recommendation and the virality of this media born on Twitter in 2015, which now brings together nearly 54,000 Followers.

Your community you will cherish

Because the strength of Social Networks lies in proximity, making it possible to forge a relationship based above all on people. HumanFirst! Laurent communication tips on social networks. Laurent Bour (Le Journal du CM). Avoid interpreting the ROI unnecessarily. I believe that to be a social media expert is not only a question of mastering social Turkey Phone Number networks and the codes of communication associated with them. There are many skills to be learned and experienced that grow over time. We are not born an expert in social networks but we become one by dint of making mistakes and learning from them. To avoid going into tips that will undoubtedly be dealt with by my colleagues.

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I will give you 2 of them which consist in knowing how to interpret the figures and avoiding unnecessary interpretation of the ROI. What is the ROI? Above all, you should know that the ROI in the mind of a business leader is a financial return. Clearly, if he invests € 10 in a share, how much will he get back at the end of it? In social media, this element has always been hard to define because it is a source of interpretation. That is to say that we will enter the ROI, the engagement obtained and the subscribers/fans gained. This is in my opinion a big mistake because ultimately the pressure of the figure could weigh on the community manager.

The photos were published in full-frame

If there is no direct financial return, it often happens that the role of community manager is denigrated. Sometimes to say that being present on social networks is useless. In order for the CM to be able to interpret his actions correctly. It is necessary to give back to Caesar what is Caesar… the KING to a financial return and the rest to whom it may concern. This is why my tip will be to appeal to ROA and ROE. Feedback on expectations, and feedback on commitment. Expectations are the goals and the commitment that will allow you to achieve them. In 80% of cases, a company will seek visibility on the internet.

In short, it is about getting people to come to its website. Let’s assume that we do not try to lock our customers on social networks. Because they are above all levers to guide us to a website in order to make sales. Selling directly on social networks is not yet a popular practice. You should also know that social networks in no way improve the positioning of their content. On search engines and as such, it is preferable to maintain low social traffic. At the expense of organic traffic which will be high. In this case, the click and possibly the comment.  Sharing will make me go viral and improve my visibility if it generates clicks.

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