The UK WhatsApp Number List has developed, in collaboration with professional organizations representing the hospitality sector, a health protocol to give hotel and restaurant professionals the instructions necessary for the exercise of their activity while respecting the safety and health of all employees and customers. This health protocol is intended to apply during the time of the COVID-19 epidemic, and may change with government instructions. These “ 10 commandments ” serve 3 objectives: reassure employees, reassure customers and standardize practices at the national level. Management commitment Communication of rules and practices Distancing within teams Hygiene rules Rules for cleaning and disinfection Barrier gesture vis-à-vis

customers Payments management Supervision by management Management of suspected and proven cases Risk analysis For each of these commands are exposed the requirements of the sanitary protocol as well as their means of implementation and control. A good basis for reflection therefore to ensure the safety of all while applying the safety distances imposed by the State. At the time of writing, however, not all establishments are in the same boat. In the provinces in the green areas, many restaurateurs have already reopened their rooms to customers, many of whom hastened to fill these empty tables. In orange areas,

A New Organization For Our Restaurants

such as Île-de-France, things are more complicated since only the terraces can be occupied by customers. Although the rules of the game are (more or less) the same for everyone, their application will have to be personalized according to the type and configuration of an establishment. Towards the digitalization of internal tools and processes … More than ever, it is important for restaurateurs to find the perfect balance between human contact and new technologies. Restaurant owners, already aware of these operational changes, must better appreciate their value in the current context. By quickly integrating digital into their management systems, they can significantly and effectively increase the management of their


establishment. This is the reason why we have observed in recent years an evolution of POS (Point of Sales) with very functional and technical design equipment. For most restaurateurs, these new technologies help boost sales and increase customer satisfaction. A reliable POS makes the difference between a café or a bar where customers appreciate the possibility of ordering remotely from their mobile phone, reserving tables in advance, receiving orders directly … Particularly suited to the catering sector, these solutions offer a more dynamic approach. Staff no longer need to be confined to the restaurant counter and can now meet

Towards The Digitalization Of Internal

customers whenever they want without them waiting for long minutes. Mobile point-of-sale terminals with their flexibility easily ensure better customer turnover, an instant view of orders and direct access to details of menus, à la carte dishes and available drinks. Coupled with POS printers positioned in the kitchen or at the bar, these wireless terminals allow the wireless printing of receipts, invoices and other orders quickly. They also make it possible to check the status of stocks, loyalty programs and to verify the advantages that customers can enjoy in order to be able to increase their satisfaction rate even further. Choosing a POS is

unfortunately not that easy. The process is complicated because several hardware and software variables must be taken into consideration. … Serving to improve performance Confinement and closure of the rooms oblige, restaurateurs have had to find alternatives in order to be able to continue to generate turnover and not suddenly go out of business. And what better means than to offer its customers to order their meals online and pick them up on site thanks to Click & Collect, or have it delivered to their home with Delivery. From this perspective, one could naturally think that the delivery services that are UberEats, Deliveroo or

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