The objective of the South Korea WhatsApp Number List Grain Club is to honor entrepreneurs. This webinar therefore brought together three very different start-ups participating in the competition, the winners of which you will find for 2020 on the dedicated site : Vivaling : an online language academy founded in 2014 with 100,000 courses given Epsor : an employee savings and retirement solution founded in 2017 and bringing together 50 people. It manages the employee savings plans of 200 companies representing 10,000 employees Knowa : a complex internal governance solution in the pension fund sector in England, which could be summed up as the child of Dropbox and Slack Benjamin Pedrini (Epsor) was present without a camera for technical reasons How did

you go from the idea of ​​the business to the first clients? Epsor noted that it is “difficult for SMEs / VSEs to set up savings products. “They also noticed that employees were most often lost on these themes, so that advice had to be provided with a robot advisor. The difficulty was from the outset to set up partnerships (eg Societe Generale, 15 asset managers, etc.). It was also necessary to create the product with established partners (who had the licenses). Knowa responded that in order to get from the idea to the customers “design is most important, a consumer has to be comfortable with their customer experience.

How Are You Going To Find New Clients

The product should be tested and improved by potential users. ” For Vivaling , demand came before supply from expatriates in Singapore who were asking for an apprenticeship for their children. Presentation of Vivaling How did the offer evolve with customer feedback? With Epsor , the BtoB offer quickly evolved, because the value proposition was in fact more suitable for large companies, so there was a commercial shift towards these structures. On the individual side (interface for managing their savings by the employee), the interface was founded without clients and then evolved with a co-construction approach with savers. Initially, Vivaling’s first product was for children with an evolution by age group, by class


Since August 2019, the courses are also available for adults. To develop products, Vivaling is in constant contact with its customers via satisfaction forms and a highly developed customer service. Most of the teams are made up of teachers who are trained by Vivaling (in addition to their initial training) in customer relations. For Knowa , it is important to develop a “rational offer and an emotional offer. Emotion is the hardest to get. You have to try to “know” and “solve” with a client. The client knows what he needs, but often he does not know how to express it. It is necessary to seek the emotion to resolve the pain. We do little to listen to

How Long Did You Take To Test Your Solution

feature feedback, but spend a lot of time understanding the emotional driver of the customer. It is fundamental for the success of the company. Moreover, I offer all my collaborators a book (Founders mentality), to keep the culture of the insurgent and the creator in tune with the emotion ”. Presentation of Epsor How are you going to find new clients? How do you see the growth? For Vivaling , the customer is at the heart of the engine. “So far, the referral program has brought us the most customers. With our desire to diversify, we have segmented. We have one strategy per member. Indeed, many of our customers move

and have families, so they can talk about it around them. »At Vivaling , there is also a segmentation by spoken language: English is the most requested language for courses, whatever the country in the world. Today, Knowa remains 100% focused on their industry to become “the best in their industry”. They seek to reduce the cost of acquisition as much as possible and see individual customers as large accounts. For Amédée, “looking all the time for new markets could be interesting but also represents a danger”. He prefers a market approach to become essential in his niche. With Epsor , the majority of new customers come from

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