In general, in order for members of the same group to interact better, we use an icebreaker . They are intended to bring together participants in South Sudan Email List to get to know each other, or to relax the atmosphere. They often focus on sharing personal information like names, hobbies etc. Do not forget ! Remember that the presence of a facilitator is mandatory in order to lead the group.

An effective icebreaker will “warm up” the conversation in the room, reinforce the topic of the session and make participants enjoy the different interactions. When participants don’t know each other, the icebreaker will help them introduce themselves to other participants.

More and more companies are using icebreakers before starting a meeting, a project… These facilitation techniques improve interactions and promote exchanges between employees. They also help participants develop leadership skills in meetings, enabling them to become more effective team leaders. In workshops aimed at identifying strategies and solutions within a company, icebreakers mingle with the thought of Design Thinking .

Four Main Types Of Icebreakers Are Used:

The first type of “playful” icebreaker . It is often used outside companies: schools, theater, groups of friends, etc. The corporate icebreaker. Business icebreakers aren’t meant to get too personal. It is more of a group session to break the ice. These types of icebreakers have different questions that you ask everyone in the group. Some questions can be funny, others more serious. The question and answer format works well with groups that don’t know each other very well. As the sessions progress, you may want to modify the questions to get to know yourself better. It all depends on the degree of personal involvement that the group wants to achieve.

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The small group icebreaker . Small group icebreakers normally have 2 to 10 individuals. These activities are aimed at small groups, boards of directors or small teams. These are usually games to “get to know you”, by talking, drawing etc. These activities are meant to be fun for the group, but do not need a large number of participants. When people think of Icebreakers, they think of huge, loud, active games. This is not always true. An icebreaker can be as simple as “let’s draw our favorite animal and give the reason for this choice”.
The large group icebreaker . These are intended for groups of more than 10 people.


Types Of Ice Breakers

In order to organize a successful icebreaker you must prepare it beforehand. There are a few rules to follow!
Time everything. Usually an icebreaker lasts between 5 and 15 minutes. So be sure to time the speaking times and activities so as not to overflow. Pay attention to the size of the group. An icebreaker can have 4 to 30 people or more! But the bigger the group, the more difficult it will be to have constructive discussions. If the group is large, you can split it up so that the participants can talk into small groups of up to 10 people.
Choose an optimal location.

If you are organizing an icebreaker at your company, make sure the room can accommodate all participants. Size of the room, necessary equipment, tables, chairs … Everything is to be expected so that all participants can be comfortable. Bring your equipment. The basic material that you can use when icebreakers can vary depending on the games you play. But overall we have: pens, pencils, sheets, post-it, white board, computer …

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