A question was asked recently in the interview – how to optimize the existing function? At that time. It was a small function. And I Conduit CN Mobile Number didn’t answer well (too much focus on giving optimization points concretely). After thinking about it. In fact. The interviewer focused on an idea. An idea Conduit CN Mobile Number about optimizing existing functions. Then I will summarize here. How to find the optimization point of the existing function? It mainly starts from three aspects: the nature of demand. The current situation of demand. And the reference of competing products. Requirement essence: as the name implies. You need to understand what is the positioning of this function itself? Think about the essence of whether there is anything else that can be done. Demand status: it is to measure the current situation from three perspectives of data. User feedback. And secondary experience.

The Current Situation of Demand Conduit CN Mobile Number

The so-called essence of demand is the Conduit CN Mobile Number same as the first time you get this demand. And it is the basic skill of product demand analysis. We want to answer the following questions: Realization of self-worth: the ranking list shows the top employees of the company. Which can Conduit CN Mobile Number make employees feel satisfied and proud of their self-worth. Create a competitive atmosphere: display the performance rankings among employees. Teams. And subsidiaries. Form a healthy competitive atmosphere. And promote everyone’s efforts. Does it really solve this pain point? Partially solved. Is there any other way not considered? In fact. If we want employees to feel motivated. We can think that employees’ own needs are met. And they are motivated. Then the employee as a person. We can consider it from demand model.

User Feedback Conduit CN Mobile Number


Conduit CN Mobile Number

So pay attention to their own signing amount. Commission. And can meet their basic survival needs. So can you see your accurate Conduit CN Mobile Number commission data on the leaderboard? Whether the system has considered this aspect comprehensively. In terms of emotion and belonging needs. It is also a very important part of the sense of belonging of the enterprise. Can we help the enterprise establish a good corporate image in the hearts of employees Conduit CN Mobile Number through the transparent performance display of enterprise management? Demand for respect: ranking in the team can achieve the effect of respect. So can we increase this honor and optimize the form of top honor. Aesthetic needs: can we add some elements of lucky cat and god of wealth to make the rankings look more festive?

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