Sometimes wrongly labeled as “outbound” and spammy marketing activity, sending emails Bahrain Email Lists an essential part of an inbound marketing strategy . Used properly, an emailing campaign is involved both in the process of acquiring new customers and in that of lead nurturing and can allow you to significantly improve your visibility as well as your credibility .

Emailing remains a privileged means of communication for brands and consumers. According to a recent study, 77% of Internet users prefer to receive marketing messages through this channel rather than through other means. It therefore appears important to optimize this type of activity in order to harvest an interesting ROI. Here is an infographic dating from 2013 retrieved from the Marketo site which is intended as a practical “cheat sheet” to optimize the sending of its emailing campaigns through some of the best practices.

Strategy above all

An effective email campaign goes hand in hand with an effective strategy. Study results have shown that the most successful campaigns are those which have focused more on the strategy to be employed rather than on other elements such as creativity, segmentation or even reporting. So before pressing the “send” button, don’t forget to ask yourself the right questions, in terms of content strategy and the promotion of your emailing campaign , among other things .

Bahrain Email Lists

Don’t hesitate to experiment
We had already discussed this subject in a previous article: it is possible to improve the effectiveness of an emailing campaign thanks to A / B tests . Indeed, by changing one of the variables of an email and by measuring the results obtained, you can understand which elements are the most effective on your target audience and adjust your strategy accordingly. Statistically, the item most often tested is the subject of the email .

Before the hour, it’s not the hour

The time of sending of your email is of capital importance because it will determine your open rate . Some professionals will say that it is best to send your campaign at the times when the open rates are the highest (in the morning), others will prefer lower times to avoid drowning the recipient. Unfortunately, there is no right or wrong solution and you will have to test different time slots to find out which one best suits your recipients .

Don’t forget about mobile devices
Surprising statistic: By the end of 2013, the number of commercial emails opened from a mobile device will surpass those opened from a good old PC. However, despite the rise of smartphones and tablets in our daily lives, few emails are optimized in this direction. 75% of smartphone owners admit to throwing emails that are not configured for comfortable reading on a smartphone in the trash. Let us also think of them!

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