The Club du Grain South Africa WhatsApp Number List seeks to promote the various entrepreneurial projects as well as the entrepreneurship itself through interviews with entrepreneurs. This second webinar of the 2020 edition brought together three very different startups participating in the 2020 Entrepreneur of the Year competition ( here are the winners of 2020) : Atometrics : created in 2016, they are currently 6 employees and offer an economic and financial analysis solution from the collection of various databases. Introducing Atometrics Epsor : an employee savings and retirement solution founded in 2017 and bringing together 50 people. It manages employee savings plans for 200 companies representing 10,000 employees.

Presentation of EPSOR AgreenCulture : created in 2016, they have 35 employees and offer a solution for sustainable food production using a robot with very precise geo-positioning combined with artificial intelligence allowing it to analyze its environment. Presentation of AgreenCulture What does the startup spirit mean to you? For Atometrics, the startup spirit is not a spirit limited to this type of structure but rather to business creation in general. The spirit of business creation thus entails having an efficient organization without clearly defined roles, that is to say that everyone participates in various functions. It is also a very agile and growth oriented organization, with a very tight group spirit

What Does The Startup Spirit Mean To You

For AgreenCulture , a deeptech company, what characterizes in this spirit is a very great creativity accompanied by a very great agility. So overnight it is possible to abandon a technological choice and start afresh with a new solution. When this spirit is in place, especially at the start of the company, the organization does not have many constraints apart from the budget and the employees available. EPSOR describes this spirit as the desire to reinvent a part of the world in its own way and to change the traditional rules of the sector starting from little. It is also giving importance to subjects from the start, unlike large


groups that must adapt to them, such as the environment. What is the inflection point where we must change our approach? Sylvain points out that Atometrics , being in full expansion, is going through this inflection point at the moment. 3 elements made him understand this change: Signature of the first major contractor, which entails contractual obligations and which therefore imply an important organization of responsibilities. As soon as we find a solution that works with certainty, creativity and agility are limited in order to dig and position ourselves. When the starting teams are no longer able to respond to all the

What Is The Inflection Point Where We Must Change

.opportunities due to the organization of the company. As for AgreenCulture’s experience , Christophe explains that the point has been reached when it is necessary to stabilize and make the robustness of the product more reliable. Any solution involves risks and therefore we must be careful to organize ourselves well so that everyone does what they do best. It means that the organization must change within the company. Another inflection point is reached when teams grow, in particular because new employees do not carry the project with the same passion as the initial team. For EPSOR , we must not oppose the startup

spirit to growth, but rather find the balance between the agility and creativity provided, and the challenges typically associated with growth. This balance is still difficult to achieve. The need for a new balance is noted as soon as we have to use heavy and traditional processes in order to cover the risks and therefore ensure the sustainability of the company. What are you doing to preserve this startup spirit? At Atometrics , the immediate objective is to move away from the startup spirit, in particular in order to be able to grow. He notes several tracks that he considers important for his project.

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