Have you ever wondered what is the secret to successful blogs that generate thousands of views per month and spark interaction with every new post? In my opinion, it can be summed up in three words: work, patience, Barbados Email Lists . Content marketing, a pillar of digital marketing! In fact, most business or personal blogs that fail are the ones that give up too quickly, frustrated that their traffic curve isn’t growing as fast as they wanted. Implementing a content marketing strategy is a long and tedious process that requires regular and constant work .

The time, resources and commitment that you put into your strategy will have a direct impact on your results. To do this, you will need to fulfill two essential conditions: the content quality published so regularly .Our blog has already devoted several articles to writing high quality content that engages readers and collects the backlinks necessary for good SEO. On the other hand, we had never before tackled the problem of the frequency of publication. It is however an extremely important subject, and this in several respects since publishing content frequently:

Organize a real content marketing strategy!

And to help you stay the course and regularly publish content on your website, nothing beats a good editorial calendar. The red thread of your content strategy is the editorial calendar and your best tool for organizing, structuring and optimizing your content. It will allow you to anticipate the work to be provided and to vary the formats, between blog articles, videos, ebooks, presentations, etc … If you do not yet have an editorial calendar or you do not know how to structure it, here is a little idea of ​​organizing content for a typical year:

Barbados Email Lists

Daily content marketing. Publish curation messages on your various social media accounts ; Respond to comments posted on your blog; Comment on other blog posts; Interact with your community on Twitter, Facebook and Google + ;

Some ideas for your next articles Lists

People love articles in list form. Certainly because their structure is easy to navigate and allows a quick and transversal reading, ideal for those who do not have time to spend 3 minutes on an article.
The tutorials and rankings. It is a classic known to all. In general, articles like “How to do X in less than 10 minutes a day” or “The 10 best Xs you should use today” are always very popular.
Spice it up

Don’t hesitate to use strong words (“why you are a looser”), figures of speech (metaphor, ellipse, antithesis, etc.), or negative sentences (“the X worst decisions you could take ”). The important thing is that your headline catches your reader’s attention, right? Use Keywords. Before being found by your readers, you will first need to be found by search engines. Try (if possible) to include at least one keyword in your title to make your article easier to find. Be careful, however, to always favor a clear title that speaks to your audience in an over-optimized title.

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