I will not cite actions of Colombia WhatsApp Number List destruction (fire etc.) which do not need to be presented. Neither does advice that relates to manual work. I will focus on the actions that impact the functioning of an organization and bring them up to date when possible. The advice listed in paragraph 11 of the Simple Sabotage Field Manual is for everyone, but we can distinguish them according to the audience they are intended for. Insist on going systematically through official bodies. No shortcuts that could speed up decision making. Make speeches. Speak as often as possible. Illustrate your arguments with anecdotes and personal experiences.

As much as possible, send all matters to committee for “in-depth study and adjudication”. Make these committees as large as possible. Never less than 5 participants. Discuss the precise vocabulary to use in communication materials, notes, reports etc. Refer to a decision already made in a previous meeting. Try to question the merits of this decision. Preach precaution. Be reasonable and urge your colleagues to be reasonable so as not to go too quickly and be humiliated later. Pretend you misunderstand the requests. Ask questions all the time, if possible in a long email exchange. Do what you can to delay the transmission of decisions or requests. Even if a part is already ready, don’t transmit it, wait until everything is finalized first.

Participants in meetings and workshops

You may have found that you practice these techniques on a regular basis. Or at least you know someone who does. But you believe in doing the right thing, not in sabotaging your organization. After all, that’s what your boss or GM has asked you to do. You have already been slapped on your fingers for wanting to take initiatives or to think outside the box and for wanting to go too fast, and it is your career that is at stake. In short, you have integrated the fact that at home, it there is a good reason to do it like this.


Ask for very high quality tools that are expensive or difficult to obtain. Complain if you don’t get them. Be aware that your work will be of lower quality in the absence of these specific tools. Always assign the less important tasks first. Assign the most important tasks to those least able to perform them effectively. Multiply the procedures and authorizations for making requests, paying bills, etc. Make sure that there is a need for validation each time, even though the validation would be systematic. Already, I am rather against positive discrimination: it is not because we are a woman that we will not be able to do it alone by our own means and our merit. In France there is an ecosystem that supports women entrepreneurs,

Managers and supervisors

Finally, as a woman, I realize the difficulty in finding a balance between my professional and personal life. Even if my companion supports me in my project and largely takes his share of the tasks at home and with our three young children, my professional activity is on B2C, which implies a strong demand on weekends and evenings. So I try to spend less time on my phone at home… but not easy! The proliferation of electronic equipment to be mass-produced (computers, cameras, radars and other sensors) will explode the demand for rare metals and the competition for resources. And the mining industry is one of the most polluting for waterways.

The LOM (the mobility orientation law) also creates the legal framework to allow the circulation of autonomous vehicles in permanent mode, by 2020 for collective shuttles and by 2022 for private vehicles. For the moment, the National Strategy for the Development of Automated Road Mobility 2020-2022 is preparing the deployment of ” level 3 », Where the driver completely delegates driving in predefined situations (for example in traffic jams). The driver must still be able to take control immediately, especially when the vehicle signals its inability to handle the situation. This therefore requires the driver’s license. For the IEEE, the disappearance of the driving license could occur by 2040. It is not for now …

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