However, The core value of zhongtai is the Changsha Mobile Phone Number reusability of functions. Through zhongtai. It can meet the rapid response and adaptability of the business; reduce the high operation and maintenance costs caused by it. Realize data connection. And solve the problem of repeated Changsha Mobile Phone Number wheels for enterprises. So. How to build an interactive game marketing center? The author of this article has analyzed this. And I hope it will help you. The concept of china-taiwan was first proposed in 2015 after jack ma led group executives to inspect supercell (then known as the most successful mobile game company in the world). Supercell is a small but beautiful team. However, This is the mainstream explanation of the concept of china and taiwan on the internet. But the prototype of china and taiwan in china has already appeared in ali in 2009.

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Therefore.  The “Sharing division” was established. Ali hopes to deposit the common business functions of taobao and tmall into a new Changsha Mobile Phone Number department. Avoid the construction and maintenance of repeated functions. However,  And use technical resources more efficiently and quickly. In 2010. Juhuasuan was born and various platforms have been connected to the Changsha Mobile Phone Number sharing division. Looking back. However, You will find that supercell’s management philosophy and jack ma’s ideas in those years have a sense of sight that coincides. This visit may only accelerate the process of  structural reform in china and . For supercell. However, The middle platform is a set of universal game frameworks. Algorithms. Etc.. However, Which can form a series of standardized game modules. The team carried out secondary creation through the module.

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Spreading the imagination. However, This system gives them the ability to quickly iterate through trial and error. With the Changsha Mobile Phone Number continuous expansion of the organization. Ali  has a large number of general requirements between various departments. In order to avoid repeated development and reduce maintenance costs. Shared technology and team resources came Changsha Mobile Phone Number into being. However, And business information and user data can be fully shared. Summarize through two cases: The core value of  is the reusability of functions. Which can meet the rapid response and adaptability of the business through the; reduce the high operation and maintenance costs caused by it. And realize the data connection. Solve the common problem of enterprises to reinvent the wheel. With the development of the enterprise. The organizational structure will inevitably expand and expand. However, Similar business content in various departments.

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