More and more companies during the digital transformation are rightly moving Bolivia Email Lists  the internet media to improve their image and find new customers. Whatever your sector of activity, more and more individuals are using the Internet to find information on their subjects of interest, to compare providers or to find a supplier. It is therefore essential to start a digital transformation, if it has not yet been done.

So here we are: what budget must be planned to be effective on the web and for it to serve the company?
This question cannot be swept aside with a standard answer, and as usual on our digital marketing blog , there are many elements that will go into the answer to this problem. Here are some ideas that will allow you to plan, negotiate and allocate coherent budgets to your digital marketing activities.

The success was instantaneous and the tweet spread like wildfire on social media , making Oreo the overall Super Bowl winner with instant publicity that didn’t cost a dollar. It’s the perfect example of the power of ingenuity over money and social media over traditional forms of communication .

Digital marketing does not always result in an additional cost

With the evolution of communication techniques, if more and more companies include digital activities in their budget, they do not necessarily spend more money on the whole. Many media will indeed be used more sparingly, such as print or traditional press. It’s a safe bet that successful digital campaigns will save you a lot of money on your classic communication activities:

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Press relations are modernizing:
We have more and more clients who are also asking us to take charge of their press relations at a time when many newspapers are going digital. Bloggers and social media influencers can thus become excellent relays for the dissemination of news. Overall, let’s consider that modern PR is almost half the cost of traditional PR! The print is losing speed: If you will still need your brochures and other traditional paper supports, digital activities will certainly allow you to save money on your printing. Favor ebooks, PDFs and communicate digitally with your customers, they are just waiting for that!

Digital marketing involves a launch budget

Before you go hunting, invest in a good rifle. Take stock of your communication activities, imagine the most effective platform for successful digital communication and think about it for your customers. Whatever your goals, this is where your internet presence begins. If you are an SME that offers a website, you will need to count between 5,000 and 15,000 euros to offer you the site of your dreams by seeking a suitable agency and opting for simple features.

If you represent a large company and you want to offer several websites to your customers, it could cost you several hundred thousand euros … In such situations, it may be interesting to carry out an audit to define, with the help from a specialist, what supports you will need and how you will organize them between them. Imagine that it will cost you around 10 to 20,000 euros for a simple platform, and up to 100,000 euros or even more if you need advanced features such as advanced management of customer areas, connection to your invoicing or stock etc. This will therefore be studied on a case-by-case basis and the prices offered can vary a lot from one agency to another …

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