Likewise, Instagram has a particular format and measurements for publications in the feed. So your content must be designed based on these measures, to avoid complications when publishing. The current measurements for posts on Instagram are: Images in feed : square 1080 x 1080 px. square feed image size Videos for feed : 1080 x 1350 px. size Videos for instagram feed Regardless of the formats, there is a key concept to produce quality images: the DPI resolution . The DPI or points per square inch, refers to the resolution of the image determined by the number of points that make it up. This measurement determines the sharpness of the image, and in the case of Instagram posts, it is recommended that it be 300 DPI for an image size of 1050×1050.

which is the optimal resolution. Use apps for Instagram instagram feed apps Another of the tips that cannot be missed to create an organized and visually pleasing Instagram feed is to take advantage of other applications to produce or schedule content . You can find a wide range of editing applications that can help you to give your Bahrain Phone Number photos a personal touch. As well as applications that facilitate the process to add texts or effects. In that case, there are 4 free apps you could use to generate posts for Instagram feed: picsart It is a free photo editor with which you can work content from your cell phone. It contains numerous templates for grids, collage, videos and other formats that,

Define an Instagram Feed Type

Every community manager can take advantage of. In addition, you can add effects, do face edits, blemishes, color correction, and more to enhance your photos. Finally, you can download and share the content on Instagram. canvas canva apps for instagram feed It is one of the most used platforms to generate fast, varied and quality content. This tool contains numerous templates adapted for each format of content on social networks. In the case of Instagram you can create stories, posts and short animations. You can also add text, stickers, effects, and other elements to personalize each post. Instasize Instasize app for instagram feed This image editor allows you to keep photos uncropped for Instagram feed.

Bahrain Phone Number

This is because you can put a background on them with the measurements required by the Instagram feed. You can then upload the photo directly to the feed without the need for square cropping. You can also find it in its version to edit videos “instasize video” for iOS. 9 Square 9 square app for instagram feed If you decided to define a type of feed to publish content, this application is very necessary to maintain the order of your photos. 9 Square is a free application that takes care of dividing the photos so that you can directly place them in your feed, in the indicated order. This way you can divide the images into boxes of 3×1, 3×2, 3×3 and other measures. On the other hand, in terms of content programming, this is a really important point for digital marketing experts.

Choose a Theme for the Instagram Feed

since it makes it easier to update feeds. For example, you can use Facebook’s Creator Studio tool to schedule content on Instagram, both images and videos. You just have to enter the platform and go to the Instagram account section.  At the top of the interface and select “create publication” and “Instagram feed”. Define when to put photos, carousel and video.  Finally, in this list of Instagram feed tips, we recommend interspersing.  The content so it doesn’t look static and monotonous. To do this, you can insert between publications of 1 photo, carousel or slider of up to 10 photos and videos or 1 video of up to 1 minute. The ideal is to know how to distinguish which format is appropriate for each content. For example, if you create an informative feed and want to explain a concept, you can create a post in the form of a carousel.

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