Many young graduates have traumatic memories of their period of job search . They often spend many weeks divided between two states: first hope, then disappointment. You too ? Still, you applied with care: you French Email Lists a CV with expertly chosen colors, an attractive font and you put into practice the advice you read for example in the big book of the cover letter. Despite all these efforts, the vast majority of your applications go unanswered, while the polite refusals you receive are formatted and impersonal.

The Cleveland Clinic’s social media outreach strategy doesn’t stop at Facebook. Some content is relayed through their LinkedIn page and many images are also available on Pinterest . Besides that, a large quantity of videos is made available via Youtube . Their Twitter account is run by the relay of content produced for the blog and by curation on the theme of health and well-being.

Look for a job, yes, but how?

On closer inspection, the methods used when looking for a job look like the traditional techniques of marketing. Like a company looking for new clients, you desperately seek recruiters’ attention to your outstanding skills and flawless background in the hopes of landing a job interview. The problem is, you can’t stand out from the crowd because everyone does like you.

French Email Lists

My suggestion is: since inbound marketing works so well in business, why not apply its methods to your job search? This is precisely what Lindsey Kirchoff has done with success . Lindsey knew that to get the job of her dreams, she had to be smarter than other job seekers. Rather than submitting her application in response to every vacancy she came across (who hasn’t?), She focused her efforts only on the handful of companies she was really interested in. In its short list was Hubspot, the American company at the base of the inbound marketing movement , andHubspot offered him the job of his dreams. You are probably wondering how she did it? She turned an insipid job search into an inbound job hunting .

Create your own digital marketing blog

While still in college, Lindsey launched her personal blog, How To Market To Me, in which she shared her thoughts on marketing techniques targeting millennials . During her job search, she refocused on her blog and focused on producing content on a regular basis. She even took the opportunity to write an article about a company she particularly admires: Hubspot. A great way to get noticed and show interest, don’t you think?

It is not enough to produce content about the company of your dreams, it is still necessary that the people concerned read it. And there, Lindsey had a brilliant idea. She didn’t just send the article straight to Hubspot like a groupie sends a love letter to her idol, it was too “outbound marketing” for her liking. Still in the spirit of “Inbound”, she imagined a way for Hubspot to come to her rather than the other way around. In the introduction to her article, Lindsey asks her readers to help her land her job by tweeting the link to Hubspot along with the hashtag #hireLindseyHubSpot.As a result, many people joined in and this curious hashtag quickly sprouted up on the company’s twitter feed. From then on, all you had to do was wait for the fish to bite the hook …

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