The efficiency of a supply chain Hungary WhatsApp Number List on the ability of managers and analysts to forecast inventory requirements. This can be long, tedious, and error prone. RPA provides a more efficient and accurate way to integrate and analyze this data through process automation. Based on a specific set of predefined rules, RPA is able to analyze nuances and trends of large data sets and customer buying activity. The backbone of PO management is a thorough review process. With RPA in the supply chain, you can fulfill purchase orders based on automated criteria such as price, quantity, and regularity of purchases.

Otherwise, the robot software will request administrator authorization by notification and execute the remaining purchase orders through procurement officials for formal review. Logistics management is dictated by manual tasks, where time is a critical factor. RPA makes these tasks more efficient and saves time and reduces errors. The software operates 24/7, helping to ensure an efficient and scalable workflow for cargo management. RPA in the supply chain can improve other aspects of logistics management, such as route optimization, cargo accounting, and cargo claims management.

Inventory management

RPA in the supply chain can facilitate the processing of invoicing documents from vendors and suppliers, with reduced risk of error. RPA speeds up tasks such as extracting invoice information, and validating and verifying information, freeing up manpower while ensuring accurate invoice processing. Data entry and migration can become cumbersome, repetitive and prone to error. With RPA in the supply chain, these processes can be handled automatically and almost instantly, from entering invoice data to validating and controlling that data. RPA can improve ERP services by increasing the quality of information and reducing the costs of manual data entry.


We are in December 2020, France has pre-ordered 90 million doses of vaccines from five laboratories for the first quarter of 2021. Moderna’s must be stored at -20 ° C where Pfizer’s one needs conservation. at -70 ° C (with a tolerance of plus or minus 10 ° C). A technical and logistical challenge, because traditional supply chains are not prepared for such extreme thresholds at such volumes. And unfortunately, if the cold chain is broken, expired vaccines will represent a cost and a significant health risk. RPA offers various solutions, such as triggering actions throughout the cold chain, by combining the Internet of Things (connected ecosystems), for example in the form of thermal sensors.

Supply and demand planning

To take a further step, it is possible to imagine that in the event of too much damage to a batch due to a variation in temperature, the RPA makes it possible to automatically generate and transmit a detailed report to the insurance services of the ‘business. Here is a desired success. A bit like the 5 zeros, we were looking for lean jargon that could deserve an article to increase our referencing in terms of operational excellence. We then noticed, thanks to the Semrush tool, that there was a lot of research on the word FMEA but that it was still not very competitive (demand but little supply). So I wrote the article (that’s good, I had things to say). And There you go ! And several missions sold thanks to him!

In April 2014, it seemed interesting to me to recall some foundations of sociodynamics, which have formed generations of consultants, and which we also teach at home. Although many firms claim to be part of this movement, my article was very quickly well referenced. A union had even made a link to him to explain to its visitors some healthy principles of management! It certainly helped boost its SEO. 6 years later, he is still on the 10th step of the podium. It must be said that the subject is timeless.

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