Today I offer you a small update on the meaning of website traffic. At Markentive, we Haiti Email List meet with customers that combine digital marketing and increased traffic a website but get lost on the precise nature of that relationship.

It’s just. Doing digital marketing is above all promoting a platform (a site, a blog, an e-shop …) which will make it possible to promote a service, a company or to sell a product. Very often our clients get lost on SEO, traffic and the impact of social media . Let’s put some order in these elements:

First Of All, Think About Your Google Analytics:

To promote an internet platform, you must know what is going on there and have a monitoring tool to measure the success of your actions and your progress but also your faults and weaknesses. Google Analytics is one of the most used tools and is extremely powerful. You will know almost everything that is happening on your website: audience, traffic sources, length of visit, etc. … Take advantage of it, it’s free! For us, professionals, it is the most important work tool to understand and optimize the traffic of a website.. These are figures but we must not forget that behind these figures are hiding various and varied Internet users, customers, prospects, competitors or anyone else.

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If your digital marketing is effective and your website well done , your bounce rate (percentage of people leaving the site on the first page read) will be low, your number of unique visitors high, the traffic from natural results will be high. There is a set of elements to take into account. We focus here on the origin of the traffic:

Traffic Via Referral Sites:

This is where you will see if your presence on other sites is effective, it also includes social networks, partner sites … So this is the item to watch to see your effectiveness on social networks and visitors that these actions pay you back. You will also find there the people who found you in the digital press for example … In addition, these well-built links on your partners’ sites will also improve your natural referencing . The activities of Community Management, Social Media Marketing SMM, or link exchanges involved in enhancing your traffic through referring sites, which can represent a very important part of your audience!

Traffic via your email campaigns:
Some e-mailing platforms like Mailchimp allow you to know the traffic on your website from your newsletters or email campaigns, but they must be properly identified in the interface. You can thus measure the success of these actions and see which are the best niches to improve the success of your campaigns.

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