Descriptions of Benin Phone Numbers List than 200 characters are possible. At the same time, images can also be displayed in the snippets, which can lead to a huge limitation on the number of characters. Why Google reformulates your meta description? It is not uncommon for Google to generate a different meta description than the one you entered in the meta tag of your page. Here are the main reasons given by John Mueller to explain this behavior: The meta description is irrelevant and is not useful for the Internet user (sequences of keywords should be avoided).

The same meta description is copied and displayed on a large number of pages on your site. The meta description does not correspond to the search of the Internet user. In general, Google will reformulate a meta description so that the latter helps the Internet user to understand that your page is relevant to the search he has submitted. John Mueller adds that there is no way, however, to be 100% sure that Google will match your meta description. However, it does provide a list of recommendations to apply to maximize your chances of having your meta descriptions listed and displayed in the SERPs. Tips to encourage Google to use your meta description John Muller indicates that there is a good chance that Google will use your meta description if you meet these criteria:

The Title Tag For Seo

A unique meta description written for each page. Meta descriptions concise enough to display (avoid your descriptions being cut off due to too many characters). They must match what the user is looking for when typing their query. To do this, target the keywords relating to the associated page and analyze the search intent of users. However, keep in mind that even if these criteria are met, Google may decide to display a different meta description. For example, consider that an Internet user types an unusual search and that a small part of the text of your page provides information in relation to this request.

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In this situation, your meta description is clearly not built to respond to this search, which is why Google will decide to reformulate it by using the extract from your page responding to the request submitted by the Internet user. If you want to be sure that your meta description is displayed for a specific query, make sure it responds to that query. You can watch the video in which John Mueller answers the questions, below:What is SEM (Search Engine Marketing)? SEM is an acronym for Search Engine Marketing which involves SEO and SEA actions helping search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo! to find and rank a website. In other words, these are the things you can do to make sure your website shows up in search engine results when someone searches for information about your business or not.

How Many Characters Does A Meta Description Need?

There are basically two ways to use SEM: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for Organic Search: SEO is a method that uses various techniques to help search engines understand the content of your website and web pages so that they can be offered to Internet users. These techniques include such things as using titles, keywords and descriptions in the meta-tags of a website and web page, writing relevant content on a given topic, using various header tags (eg <H3> </H3>) and linking to and from quality online resources. SEA (Paid Search Marketing): SEA advertising, which is often PPC (pay per click), involves paying for search engines to display your website promotion in or next to search results.

For example, Google’s Google Ads program will show your ad at the top or bottom of the search results page (placement depends on many factors including keywords andad quality ). Google will also serve your ads on websites using its Adsense program. There are other types of PPC marketing, such as Facebook ads. In PPC advertising, you pay every time someone clicks on your ad. Paid search differs from organic search in that you pay to have your website or offer shown higher in search results. Summary What is the best? How to use SEM for your business? Organic search (SEO) Paid search (SEA) What is the best?

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