As we have said before, in other articles, it is always necessary to measure campaigns, whether organic or paid, in order to analyze the efficiency and profitability of any action. In case you have created ads on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network or Messenger, you must go to the ads manager and there you will see the performance of your campaign broken down by demographic data, reach, and you can also review the cost of your ads in a period specific. Remember that these statistical data will go hand in hand with the terms of the defined objective. Among the most common we can find: getting “likes” on the fan page, more visits to the landing page, downloads of an application, conversions or clicks on a certain event.

Once you have defined your objective, you should know how to read the “Facebook Ads General Statistics”. From this section you can check the general data such as: Demographic data (total number of people reached and percentages by gender) Performance (where the results are measured against the objective of the campaign) Location (statistics displayed based on the location of the ad (Facebook, Instagram Audience Network, and China Phone Number Messenger), as well as the results obtained for each. *In the breakdown, the data is secure and anonymous. And remember that when talking about reach, it refers to the number of unique user visits. The second relevant point is to interpret the Relevance Index of Facebook Ads. It refers to the estimated score that the platform gives to our ads.

Measure the Roi of Your Campaign

On the acceptance of our users, and that is into account by the algorithm. Among its factors, we have: Positive actions: likes, clicks, shares or comments. Negative actions: Request the hiding of an ad, among others. READ MORE How to achieve your business goals with digital SWOT analysis *It is said that the score ranges from 1 to 10; between 7 and 10 is considered a good result, and below 3 Facebook stops showing the ad in question. Therefore, it is a fact that you should be aware of. As a third point, you should take the guesswork out of determining which ads and strategies perform best. To do this you must do it with the Facebook A/B tests, you can carry out a test to determine the target audience, the delivery optimization.

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And finally, remember that you can download all this information by clicking on the “Reports” option that you will find in the upper corner of your campaigns. From here, you can create custom or standard reports such as: Results according to the objective of the campaign (and their cost) Scope Impressions cost per result amount spent relevance score Unique clicks on the link Facebook Ads offers statistics of all kinds that allow you to evaluate the profitability of your campaigns in a practical way, now you must put it into practice.ROI is a formula by companies to know the results from an investment. Why is it important for your business that you know it? Lets learn together! In English it means “Return of Investment” which translated into Spanish is “Return of Investment”.

Advantages of Google Tag Manager

With this follow-up, it will allow us to know.  If the money invested in a campaign has generated benefits or losses in economic terms. Luckily, most of the digital actions are measurable and with.  This it helps us to have a fairly precise follow-up of the ROI. Being able to “track” the results well, to know where the money invested went. 25% of marketing professionals in Chile do not calculate the ROI of their campaigns and this is a serious mistake. However, time has shown us that it is very relevant to do so. Now we will learn the advantages of calculating ROI and what are the steps that you must take into account. How do we calculate ROI? To know how well the investment was in relation to the benefits.

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