But the problem that I run into very. Far too often is that companies don’t realize the importance of Persona’s work. If you to build your profile. This is an error that can explain on its own why your Inbound Marketing strategy is not working. Working on your Personas takes time. Time to talk to your customers, time to compare the information collected with your employees. Time to analyze your data, and time to consolidate everything. And you? Is your inbound strategy aligned with your sales department? And understood by him! Alignment between the marketing department and the sales department is vital in Inbound Marketing.

Inbound Marketing is all about generating leads that are qualified and mature enough to be converted by salespeople. Inbound must allow you to generate these leads in the right volume and especially with the right criteria. How can you do this without working with the sales department? Often, the marketing department works alone on its own, passing on leads that it considers qualified and mature to salespeople and is surprised that salespeople fail to convert them into customers. I know what I’m talking about, that’s what I did at the start of my career! Marketing challenges the skills of salespeople, salespeople no longer want to hear about marketing because it wastes their time through poor quality leads.

We take 15 days for this work

The two departments must have an aligned vision of what a quality lead is and complementary objectives. Is this really your case? Do you have all the in-house skills to be successful? We have seen it quite a bit since the beginning of this article: to obtain Sweden Phone Number results with the Inbound Marketing strategy, you have to carry out various actions on a regular basis. Content writing, web referencing, communication on social networks, E-mailing, Marketing Automation, data analysis. Inbound Marketing requires many skills. The problem here is that a lot of times the business doesn’t want to take too many risks with inbound marketing. So either she entrusts the implementation of the strategy to traditional marketing profiles.

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That she has in-house, or she recruits interns / work-study students. It is not impossible here but you must imperatively plan a training plan. Then, but this is my opinion, I think it is essential to have a minimum of experience to fully understand the commercial processes and purchasing behavior to succeed in Inbound Marketing. What is the daily life of salespeople? What are the challenges they face? In what environment is the company evolving? Only experience can acquire this vision. To maximize your return on investment, you need to be productive and flawless. All the actions to be taken take time but can be automated. To generate quality leads and convert them into customers.

You well equipped?

You need to be responsive in sending your messages and forwarding leads to salespeople. In conclusion, That too can be automated. Finally, it is important to avoid “holes in the racket”. I can no longer count the times when I was answered. In conclusion, I don’t know and we forget a lot to the question how many leads do you generate each month? By multiplying the actions and tools, it is sometimes very complicated to identify all. The leads are generated and to make effective reports. In conclusion, To get results with Inbound Marketing, it is interesting to be able to rely on Marketing Automation software. That will allow you to save time and automate certain tasks to avoid human error.

So what tools are you using today? Do your teams subscribe to the Inbound Marketing project? Difficult and yet essential question. Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation are the two building blocks of marketing and sales digitalization. In conclusion, Marketing and sales digitization is disrupting the daily life of the two departments concerned, but also of general management. As in any change, humans go through a mourning curve impacting their level of motivation and the quality of the actions carried out: Digitalization of companies and the mourning curve. In conclusion, It is essential to integrate these 4 phases – denial, questioning, re-mobilization, and engagement – in your Inbound Marketing strategy. Both for the marketing department as well as for the sales department and general management.

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