At a time when everything is {Co} (COllaboratif, COmmunauté, COworking, CObranding…), project methodologies are also following the Vanuatu Email List . We talk about co-design to {Co}-design a product or a service. A co-design approach involves actors with very diverse profiles, whether they are users, ambassadors, neophytes, influencers or experts.

Today, few organizations manage to implement such an approach because it requires a different approach from traditional project management. It is about setting up a multidisciplinary team, having a place conducive to innovation and creative workshops, following a resolutely user-oriented approach by putting yourself in the shoes of your customers and achieving tangible results.

What Is Co-design At 50a?

We have implemented a methodological approach which is articulated in 4 phases: We clarify together your challenge, your brief, your digital problem, your environment and together realize your ecosystem map. We take into account the expressed and latent needs of the main targets and detail for each of them the customer journeys that illustrate the key stages between the service offered and the way of consuming this service.

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We {Co} -build together the digital device: the storyboard, the user experience, the user interface and offer a POC (proof of concept) to iteratively test the value proposition. We define together the various indicators that allow us to measure the performance of the device created and thus steer the actions to be implemented.

What Does The Team At 50a Think?

One of the main benefits is to move away from the classic customer-supplier relationship and more particularly during the often restrictive validation phases to set up an operating mode that takes into account all possible scenarios.

It is also a saving of time due to the fact of working together, which considerably reduces the phases of validations and round trips with the client.

Another challenge: the strong involvement of all the actors involved in the project. We go from a linear mode (design> layout> development ..) to an iterative or agile mode which no longer makes it possible to deliver a service or a finalized product but “releases” as and when.

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