Global warming, confinement, future stop and go will definitely change our San Marino Email List habits, forcing companies to reorganize their activities in emergency situations while demonstrating performance, flexibility, cooperation and solidarity.

“Charbonner” in Ile de France with 3 hours of transport per day seems to be a thing of the past. What if some executives no longer wanted to return to work as before? Excessive globalization will give way to a probable re-industrialization and nationalization of various activities. We will certainly talk in the days and months to come of more sovereignty, whether national or digital.

Homo Mondialus Turns Into A Connected Homo Localus Confinus.


After COVID19, the world will be even more connected. Non-digital companies will encounter real difficulties in continuing to exist, or even disappear. These changes will build the world of tomorrow, we must overhaul and rethink our models and our lifestyles. We are going to experience major projects, utopias, a host of energy to rethink the system and our societies. All of this will be brainstormed, conceived, organized, planned, created.

San Marino Email List

At 50A we are digital transformation specialists and we are convinced that co-design * tools will have a significant impact on the construction of our tomorrow. Co-design is not only advantageous from a marketing point of view, it is very useful for team leadership. It makes it possible to respond to the strategic challenges of a company quickly. Relying on a community of collaborators will become an increasingly decisive point for the proper functioning of a company. The use of matrices guarantees a structuring of thought and almost immediate deliverables. It is these deliverables that we make available to jointly build your projects for today and tomorrow.

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we have created a dynamic form to support your reflection. It gives you access to our co-design toolkit or allows you to make an appointment here => NextBusiness form A homo confinus is a confined man who adapts by teleworking and recharging his batteries in nature. Homo confinus lives sustainably and tries to limit its consumption. They take the time to reflect and take full advantage of those around them.

In addition, unlike Outbound Marketing, each action taken is beneficial in generating qualified leads, thus sustaining your efforts and your strategy. Inbound Marketing is therefore a new essential method of approaching and converting prospects. Note all the same, that this strategy is not intrusive. The fallout is therefore not immediate. To obtain satisfactory results, it is necessary to work on SEO, content and social networks over several months. This therefore requires a significant commitment from companies and impacts the entire company.

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