The history of WhatsApp began in 2009 and since then it has not stopped growing and aiming for success. WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform instant messaging application that allows users with an iOS or Android system to exchange text, image, video and audio messages for free. To use it, you only need to have a cell phone number and a data service or a Wi-Fi connection. In addition to basic messaging, WhatsApp offers group chat options, being able to share contacts, files and location. But that’s not all, since over the years it has been implementing new functions that you need to know. Especially if you are dedicated to digital marketing and community management .

whatsapp history According to the official story, WhatsApp was created in 2009, thanks to the idea of ​​one of its founders, Jan Koum. In the first instance, he wanted to create an application that would allow him to send notifications to friends, but then the idea changed and the goal became to create an instant messaging application. Brian Acton, who would be the co-founder of the application, got involved in the project thanks to Koum, who Malaysia Phone Number after a game of Frisbee, asked him to be his partner and together they could launch the project. Something to which he was not very sure at first. By the fall of 2009, WhatsApp had no significant growth, but Koum convinced Acton to join him.

Conclusion on Whatsapp History

When Acton wanted to start looking for a permanent job, because he didn’t see results from the project, Koum told him to give him a few months so that the application would be in greater demand and they would be successful. In October 2009, Acton contacted several old friends at Yahoo!, telling them about his project and raised $250,000 in seed funding. This served for Acton to be named as a co-founder and receive shares in the company. They currently have more than 2 billion users worldwide and are owned by Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook . Said purchase took place in 2014, after Zuckerberg closed the deal with a total sum of $19 billion dollars. WhatsApp Logo History WhatsApp has a logo that without knowing what the application is about, tells you just by looking at it.

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The main elements of the logo are the text message bubble, which symbolizes a message sent or received. Text bubbles indicating received messages are represented with the “tail” pointing to the left, while text bubbles indicating sent messages have a tail pointing to the right. By incorporating a text bubble with a left-pointing tail into its logo, WhatsApp wants to convey that it’s a messaging app while also subtly tapping into the emotion people experience when they see they’ve received a message. As a second element of the logo, a phone was included inside the text bubble. Which indicates that they are not only dedicated to receiving and sending messages.

Whatsapp as a Tool for Your Business

but you can also make voice and video calls. It should be noted that throughout the history of WhatsApp, this application has not made significant changes to the logo. WhatsApp Features WhatsApp is an application that will allow.  You to in contact with your family and friends worldwide.  In a simpler and faster way. Here we share some of the features you will find in the application. You can receive and send text and voice messages. Make calls and video calls to the whole world, only with an Internet connection.  With the double check, you can know if the message reached.  Your contact and if it is in blue, know that they have already read it. Its use is completely free.

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