Disadvantages disadvantages Disadvantages on a personal level Have as followers unknown people or with false profiles as followers who know our updates. Having trouble creating a 140-character tweet. Receive direct messages from unknown people Abusing hashtags can turn into a nasty post for your followers. Receive tweets that attack the integrity of people or public figures. Having a large number of spam messages. Disadvantages at the brand level Being victims of fraud because there may be accounts that carry your brand name and confuse your followers. Being exposed to any error, damaging the image of your brand. Invest in Twitter Ads to position your brand.

Respond after a long time to the message of your followers, taking into account that what prevails on Twitter is immediacy. Having problems when providing valuable information in the 140 characters. Boring your followers with messages or promotions of your products or services every hour. Give clues about our strategy to our Lebanon Phone Number competitors. It may interest you: 7 most common mistakes on Twitter Tips for using Twitter Analytics like an expert 10 essential tools to manage Twitter for companies What should I do to generate viral content on Facebook and Twitter Twitter services twitter services Twitter is not a microblogging social network that only allows you to follow your favorite public figures.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook

but it offers you a wide variety of services for both users and companies. These help improve the experience of the 328 million users around the world. For this reason, we mention what are the services that Twitter offers both for users who want to know the news in real time, as well as companies that want to position their brand. User Services Surveys: If you want to know what your followers think about a certain topic, you can access this tool from your Twitter account to get results, and the best thing is that these will not be visible to the public. Tweets: By creating an account on Twitter, you can create thousands of tweets from your profile by adding the relevant hashtag . Mentions: Through your followers can mention you in a comment and in their posts.

Lebanon Phone Number

You automatically receive some notification about the mention. Direct messages: Your followers or any user can send private messages . Trending topics: These are better known as trends . Here you can find out what are the relevant issues in certain local places or around the world. Create lists: Twitter allows you to create lists according to your preferences or tastes so that you can organize the information, and it can become a very practical function. News: This section allows you to know the updates of the accounts you follow and your followers. In addition, you can be updated with the latest global trends. Photos: Twitter allows you to upload photos to your profile to interact with other users of the microblogging social network. Pericospe: Starting in 2015,

First, What Is Twitter?

Twitter added this service so that millions of its users can go live , creating thousands of streams daily. Services for companies Twitter has added to its microblogging service.  Its new platforms for ads and advertising for brands that want to advertise in this medium. For some years now, the social network has implemented some services for companies that have gained popularity. Therefore, we will indicate what are the new services for Twitter companies : Twitter ads Twitter Ads for companies allows you to create campaigns based on your brand’s objectives, to achieve results that help take actions to add value to your company. In addition, it allows you to direct traffic to the website to increase the image of the brand. Twitter is also becoming a useful platform for brands that want to enhance their strategies on social networks.

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